Frankenstein Foreshadowing Examples

This is foreshadowing how Walton’s journey will be very dangerous and may lead to his death. “I love you very tenderly. Remember me with affection, should you never hear from me again” (Shelley 15).
This foreshadows Victor bringing someone back to life. “I paused, examining and analyzing all the minutiae of causation, as exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life, until from the midst of this darkness a sudden light broke in upon me‒a light so brilliant and wondrous, yet so simple, that while i became dizzy with the immensity of the prospect which it illustrated, I was surprised that among so many men of genius who had directed their inquiries towards the same science, that I alone should be reserved to discover so astonishing a secret” (Shelley 42).
This example foreshadows that Elizabeth is going to die. I was disturbed by the wildest dreams. I thought I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health, walking in the streets of Ingolstadt. Delighted and surprised, I embraced her; but as I imprinted the first kiss on her lips, they became livid with the hue of death; her features appeared to change, and I thought that I held the corpse of my dead mother in my arms; a shroud enveloped her form, and I saw the grave-worms crawling in the folds of the flannel. I started from my sleep with horror; a cold dew covered my forehead, my teeth chattered, and every limb became convulsed: when, by the dim and yellow light of the moon, as it forced its way through the window shutters, I beheld the wretch —the miserable monster whom I had created” (Shelley 48).
This foreshadows how something bad is to come for Victor because of how he is so happy at the moment due to the nature surrounding him. “My own spirits were high, and I bounded along with feelings of unbridled joy and hilarity” (Shelley 58).
Victor stating this foreshadows how the creation will kill many other other people and or things. “Thus spoke my prophetic soul, as, torn by remorse, horror, and despair, I beheld those I loved spend spend vain sorrow upon the graves of William and Justine, the first hapless victims to my unhallowed arts” (Shelley 72).
This passage foreshadows that Margaret may never see Walton again, depending on his success or failure. “Ah, dear sister, how can I answer this question? If I succeed, many, many months, perhaps years, will pass before you and I may meet. If I fail, you will see me again soon, or never. Farewell, my dear, excellent Margaret” (Shelley 11).
This is foreshadowing that something bad is going to happen due to the negative nature described. “For a short space of time I remained at the window, watching the pallid lightnings that played above Mont Blance, and listening to the rushing of the Arve, which pursued its noisy way beneath” (Shelley 79).
By the authors use of the word “yet” the readers understand the foreshadowing being used. This passage foreshadows there may be another person like the creation later in the book. I had never yet seen a being resembling me, or who claimed any intercourse with me” (Shelley 103).
This text foreshadows that the creation will be alone forever. “I am an unfortunate and deserted creature; I look around, and I have no relation or friend upon earth…I am an outcast in the world forever” (Shelley 113).
This is foreshadowing that Victor will use M. Waldman’s advice to try to create life. “The modern masters promise very little; they know that metals cannot be transmuted,and that the elixir of life is chimera. But these philosophers, whose hands seem only made to dabble in dirt, and their eyes to pore over the microscope or crucible, have indeed performed miracles. They penetrate into the recesses of nature and show how she works in her hiding places, They ascend into the heavens: they have discovered how the blood circulates, and the nature of the air we breathe. They have acquired new and almost unlimited powers; they can command the thunders of heaven, mimic the earthquake, and even mock the invisible world with its own shadows” (Shelley 39).
This foreshadows his war against mankind, and passion for revenge. “No: from that moment I declared everlasting war against the species, and, more than all, against him who had formed me, and sent me forth to this insupportable misery” (Shelley 117).
This is foreshadowing that something will go wrong in Victor’s story. “Strange and harrowing must be his story, frightful the storm which embraced the gallant vessel on its course and wrecked it‒thus” (Shelley 24).

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