Frankenstein Characters/Locations

Victor Frankenstein Genovese scientist who creates an intelligent but grotesque monster he abandons his creation and keeps its existence a secret; beings but fails to complete a mate for the creature
The Monster 8 Ft tall, hideous creation of Victor Frankenstein; Intelligent and sensitive; tries to become part of humanity and is rejected seeks revenge on his creator emotionally immature but intellectually mature.
Robert Walton Arctic explorer whose ship is icebound in the Arctic seas; picks up Victor Frankenstein and befriends him and brings him back to health. Hears Victor’s story and promises to destroy monster. Frankenstein’s narrative told through series of letters to Walton’s sister in England. Was discouraged from becoming a sailor and explorer- draws him to Frankenstein who was discouraged from his chosen career interest.
Alphonse Frankenstein Victor’s father who is very sympathetic towards his son. Wishes to see Victor and Elizabeth married, dies of a broken heart after Elizabeth dies.
Caroline Beaufort Victor’s mother who was taken in by the Frankenstein family after her own father died. Dies of scarlet fever just before Victor leaves for Ingolstadt. Her picture is in the locket that is taken from William by the monster who then gives it to Justine.
Elizabeth Lavenza Orphan who is adopted by the Frankenstein family; Victor’s cousin. Marries Victor and is killed at Villa Lavenza on the shores of Lake Como by monster on their wedding night
Henry Clerval Victor’s boyhood friend who nurses Victor back to health after the creation of the monster studies Oriental languages. Killed by monster in Ireland
William Frankenstein Youngest brother of Victor. Monster strangles him in woods outside Geneva. Monster takes locket containing picture of Caroline Beaufort from him.
Justine Moritz Young girl adopted into Frankenstein household. Unjustly accused of killing William because she had the locket that William had had and hanged for William’s murder.
Beaufot Merchant and friend of Alphonse Frankenstein; Caroline’s father
M. Waldman Chemistry professor at Ingolstadt who encourages Voctor to pursue sciences that can explain the “big questions” about the origins of life.
M. Krempe Professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt; tells Victor that his studies of old alchemists were a waste of time and that he should begin anew
Mr. Kirwin Irish magistrate who accuses Victor of Clerval’s murderl hears Victor’s tale about the monster
The Turk Safie’s father, involves Felix in a plot to escape the French authorities and causes the DeLacey family to be put in prison, stripped of their wealth and exiled from France.
Felix Oldes son of the DeLacey family; teaches Safie and the monster to read and write, drives the monster away from their cottage
Agatha Daughter of DeLacey family
DeLacey Old blind father of the DeLacey family; monster appeals to him for protection and friendshup
Safie Young Arabian whom Felix marries while Felix is teaching her to speak, read, and write French, the monster learns through observation.
Russia Location from which letters are written to Margaret Saville; Walton begins his Arctic expedition from here.
Geneva Birthplace and home of Frankenstein family; deaths of Caroline, William, Justine, and Alphonse Frankenstein take place here first time that Frankenstein views the monster after the monster disappeared from lab in Ingolstadt
Ingolstadt University where Frankenstein discovers the secrets of life creates and abandons his monster here; nursed back to health by Henry Clerval
Chamounix Town in the Alps where Frankenstein stays prior to climbing the glacier and the mountainsl Victor contemplates suicide and decides not to because his family has suffered enough grief.
Montavert Glacier where monster meets Frankenstein; monster tells his story and demands mate
Germany Location of DeLacey cottage, monster observes family from hut and learn to speak, read, and write from the family. Rejected by family
England Location of walking tour Frankenstein and Clerval take while Frankenstein is planning the female monster
Orkney Islands in Scotland Frankenstein begins and destroys the second monster
Ireland Frankenstein is washed ashore after destroying the second monster; Clerical is murdered by the monster; Frankenstein is accused of Clerval’s murder; Existence of Monster revealed to Kirwin
Villa Lavenza Elizabeth’s inheritance from her father; Elizabeth and Frankenstein plan to spend their honeymoon here; Elizabeth is murder by the monster here. On the shores of Lake Como, where Mary Shelley was when she began the novel.

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