Frankenstein chapters 6-9 reading guide

what did Clerval give Frankenstein when he was better he gave him a letter form Elizabeth
how did Frankenstein and Clerval spend the next several months Victor was no longer interested in science so he joined Clerval in the study of languages. For Victor it was just a hobby
what news did the letter form Frankenstein’s father bring Victor’s little brother William was murdered
what did Frankenstein see just outside the gates of Geneva as he was returning home he sees his monster/ creature
who was accused of committing the murder and why Justine, because the locket that Elizabeth had given William was found in her pocket
what was Frankenstein’s reaction to this accusation he thought that the monster had committed the murder of William
what did Frankenstein do about this dilemma he shared his conviction with Elizabeth
what happened to the accused person Justine confessed to the murder and was executed
what was Frankenstein’s state of mind after the trial and it’s conclusion he feels despair and depressed
where did Frankenstein go to seek relief he goes to visit a valley near Mont. Blanc that he visited as a child

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