Frankenstein (chapters 12-15)

Why is the monster scared to reveal himself? (12) Scared about people judging him and being scared of him
Why are the cottagers so sad? Why does this confuse the monster? (12) The cottagers are sad because of their poverty, he’s confused because they have each other while he is all alone.
What kind of person is the monster at this point? (12) He is good because he repays for what he stole
What are the names of the cottagers? (12) The cottagers names are Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey.
What does the monster feel at the end of this chapter? (12) He is interested in the people and is sad he does not fit in with them
How does the monster respond to Spring? What Romantic characteristics do we witness? (13) He enjoys the outdoors and nature as the romantics did
Who arrives that changes the cottagers? (13) An Arabian woman on horseback in a dark suit and thick black veil.
What does the monster learn through his observations? (13) He learns their language, compassion, family
What questions burn his soul? (13) He is questioning himself and what he is
What is the cottagers story? (14) The cottagers used to live and Paris and were part of a very upper class community (very rich). Safie’s father was falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to death. Felix tried to coordinated Safie’s father escape, but was discovered and then exiled from France and stripped of their wealth. Safie escaped with money and managed to figure out Felix’s whereabouts.
What does the monster find? (15) He finds books and clothes
What are the three books? What does he learn from each? (15) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Sorrows of Werter, a volume of Plutarch’s Lives, and John Milton’s Paradise Lost which had the most profound effect on the monster. Reads Paradise lost and finds much similarity between the story and his own situation.
What does the monster do at the end of this chapter? What is the reaction? (15)
How does he feel? (15)

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