Frankenstein chapters 1-14

how does the stranger describe his parent’s character traits? he talks about his mother’s tender caress and about his father smile of benevolent pleasure
why do you think shelly waits until this point to reveal the stranger’s first name so we can get Walter’s perspective of the character before we become more involved when hearing the story
what do Victor’s parents give him as a gift? his sister Elizabeth Lavenza
how do victor and Elizabeth differ as children? victor was loud, solitary, and searched for knowledge; Elizabeth was calmed and did normal activities with younger brother
who is henry Clerval, and what are his interests and goals ? victor’s friend who studied folklore and liked poetry and writing
whose work does victor pursue in his reading and studies? why? why does his father disapprove? -Cornelius Agrippa-father didn’t approve because their work was incorrect
what effect does a violent thunderstorm have on victor when he is 15? when he sees the tree being struck he gets inspired to study more modern science
why does victors father want his son too study at the university of Ingolstadt? he believes he should experience a different environment
what last request does victors mother make before she dies? -that victor and Elizabeth get married -that Elizabeth takes care of the youngers
how does victor cope with the death of his mother? he waits to go to the university. then eventually goes and studies what makes life possible
when it is time for victor to depart why doesn’t henry clerval accompany victor to Ingolstadt? henry’s father doesn’t see it useful (no education needed)
what realization comes over victor as soon as he leaves his home? he doesn’t like to be with strangers but it is worth it because of all the knowledge he is gaining
which professor does victor favor? (Krempe or Waldman) why? waldman, because he was an inspiration and he introduced him to modern chemistry
what discovery does victor make while at university? he can give life to lifeless matter
how does Walton react to news of victor’s discovery? how does victor respond to Walton? – eyes light up with wonder and hope-he will not revel the secret
what warning does victor give Walton about the discovery? knowledge can be dangerous, can lead to destruction and misery
what drives victor on to the creation of being like himself? he is fascinated with the secret of life and being able to create new life. also if he is successful in creating life later on he could bring back death to life
what details is the reader given on the construction of the creature? work shop at the top of the house, and materials that come from a slaughter house and dissecting house
describe the setting on the night the creature comes to life. what mood is created by the setting? -rainy night-dark, suspenseful
describe the creature yellow skinpearly white teethwatery eyes8 feet tallblack hair
what is victors reaction to his creation? why? -horrified and discussed -appalled by the creature’s ugliness
what happens after victor rushes to his bed chamber? falls asleep and has a horrible dream, then wakes up to the creature standing over him reaching to him. then victor runs away
what idea do the lines from “the rime of the ancient mariner” convey to the reader ? fear and dread
what does victor do when morning dawns? whom does he meet? -walks the streets -henry Clerval (childhood bestfriend)
why has henry Clerval’s father allowed him to go to Ingolstadt? father had a change of heart out of affection for his son
how does henry’s character offset victor’s character at this point in the story? henry is sensitive and victor is cold
why does victor dread returning to his apartment with henry? what does he find once they arrive there? – he thinks the creature might still be there and doesn’t want henry to see him -nothing, no sign of the creature
describe what happens to victor as he and henry wait for a servant to bring breakfast. how does henry respond? – cant stay still, agitated, jumps around, laughing -asks what’s wrong
what does henry do during victor’s ensuing illness? neglect his studies
what new character is introduced in Elizabeth’s letter to victor? family’s housekeeper, Justine mortiz
why is Elizabeth’s letter important to the story? foreshadows character Justine becoming important later
why does victor deserts his study of science? what does he persue? why? -thinks its a terrible result -study languages-cant be doing nothing
what is victor’s mood after his tour of Ingolstadt with henry? why does he praise henry? -unbridled joy-henry’s gentleness and affection has returned victor some joy in his life
how does victor’s mood and his praise of henry build suspense at the end of chapter six? readers wonder what happened to the character and what is going to happen next
what bad news awaits victor in his father’s letter? how long has it been since victor left for Ingolstadt? -victor’s brother William has been murdered-6 years
why does Elizabeth blame herself for the murderer? she gave William a miniature portrait and think he was killed for it
why does victor come to believe that his creature is responsible for William’s death? victor arrives at Geneva late at night and visits the place of crime where he sees the creature
why is Justine accused of the crime? miniature portrait of her has been found on the clothes
why is Elizabeth particularly miserable after Justine’s arrest? Elizabeth is certain Justine is not the killer and will be sad if she is accused for it
how does victor react to Justine’s trial? what does this show about victor’s character? -suffers living torture-self slenderness, selfishness
what id the result of the trail? Justine is found guilty and condemned to death
why does victor accompany Elizabeth to Justine’s prison cell? Elizabeth told him to accompany her…..
why does Justine confess to having murdered William? she fears going to hell and has been pressured by her confessor and admits to victor and Elizabeth that it is a lie.
when does victor plead for justine? goes to judge to plead for her life, but he seemed like a madman and justine was still executed
what warning for the future does victor give after justine’s death? speaks of more greaf
what thoughts does victor have about his creature as chapter 9 begins? he is worried the creature might strike again wants to find the creature
what does elizabeth say that upsets victor? why does it upset him? -her whole outlook in life has changed. she believes the murderer is still out there-he is in true agony
why does victor leave home, and where does he go? -tries to find relief -goes to the village in chamu
how does victor’s trip affect his spirits? temporarily conserved (feels good for just a bit)
why does victor decide to climb the glacier montanvert? he wants to forget his troubles
how does victor describe the creature’s approach on montanvert? thinks is a man moving with superman speed. then realizes height and thinks about the creataure
what impression does the creature give when he speaks? intelligent, able to reason and argue
what does the creature request of victor? why? -wants victor to follow him so he could tell him his part of the story-because then victor had to decide what the creatures life was going to be
why does victor agree to listen? he is curious and wants to find out who the true murderer is and also he feels for the first time like it is his duty as the creater
what are the creature’s first memories? hunger, thirst, light, heat, darkness
what is the purpose of the footnote “the moon” in chapter 11? the author is showing the readers that although the creature knows how to speak now he didn’t know anything at first
how does the creature say he learned to live in the world? watched the DeLacey family, he has learned cause and effect
describe what happened when the creature entered the village woman fainted , children cryed
what are the advantages of the creature’s hiding place? “hobel” dry warm and can observe a family
what does the creature first observe about the family ? young lady and man, he sees them as kind and loving people
why does the creature decide to keep himself hidden from the peasants in the cottage? he is afraid they will run away like everyone else so he stays hidden to learn from them
how does the creature shows his capacity to care for others? stops stealing food and begins chopping wood and clearing the snow when they are sleeping
what kind of knowledge does the creature gain from the cottagers? why is he eager to have this knowledge? -learn about language; names-want to understand words and speech, and also the motive and feeling of the family
why is the creature horrified when he sees his own reflection in a pond? he has seen people and now he is disgusted and broken hearted by his own apearcence
describe the new character. how does her arrival benefit the creature’s education? ( chap 13) -Safie is beautiful…-the family is teaching her and he is looking and learning
how and what does the creature learn about the human race? -felix reads “Ruins on Empires” which is about human race-the two most respected qualities are: good decent and having riches
how do the creature’s emotions change as he gains more knowledge? becomes more unhappy
why doesn’t shelley mention the name of the old man, DeLacey, sooner? because Felix and agatha call him father and safie calls him DeLacey

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