Frankenstein – Chapter 8 Questions

Tell why Victor does not announce the real murderer nor confess to the crimes himself. Because he created the monster who murdered William. He didn’t confess bc he was in Ingolstadt on the night of the murder.
Discuss how the evidence against Justine builds. The prosecutor brings forth witnesses to prove the following:1- She was out the entire night when the murder was committed.2- She was seen near the spot where the body was found.3- When she was questioned, she gave a confused answer.4- She became hysterical when she saw the body.5- William’s miniature, which he had been wearing at the time of the murder, was found in the pocket of Justine’s dress.
Examine the accuracy of Justine’s assertion, ” I believe that I have no enemy on earth, and none surely would have been so wicked as to destroy me wantonly.” Justine’s assertion is INCORRECT. She believes she does not have any enemies, and believes that her character and behavior to this point in her life will set her free. She can’t believe someone so evil as to deliberately destroy her. And obviously – she does!
Explain how Elizabeth defends Justine. Elizabeth states that Justine was like a mother to William. She also praises Justine’s character and says that she was loved by the entire Frankenstein family.
Why does Victor claim that he is suffering more than the accused? He states that he is worse off because he feels guilt and remorse because he created the monster that murdered 2 people – William and Justine.
Do you believe that Justine would have been convicted of William’s murder if she had not confessed to it? Yes, she would have been convicted because there was too much evidence against her and not enough witnesses for her defense.
Why does Justine confess to William’s murder? She was hoping to be absolved and to be saved; she was forced into it out of fear of hell and eternal damnation and ex-communication.
Do you agree with Victor’s decision to keep his suspicions regarding William’s murder to himself. I do not agree with Victor’s decision. He is partly responsible for the murder because he created the monster. He knew the true murderer and kept quiet and an innocent person took the blame and was executed as a result.
Mary Shelley wrote Chapter 8 as a commentary on what was a flawed legal system. List some examples of how Justine may have received an unfair trial. 1- She was assumed guilty and had to prove her innocence.2- She was not provided with a lawyer.3- She was convicted on circumstantial evidence.4- She was bullied into a confession while in jail.

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