Frankenstein (Chapter 21: Clerval dies, Victor’s self-torture)

Clerval dies, its effect on Victor “I saw the lifeless form of Clerval stretched before me… why did I not die then? More miserable than man ever was before, why did I not sink into forgetfulness and rest?
Victor overdoses on sleeping medicine “I swallowed double my usual quality, and soon slept profoundly”
Intense paranoia for the future “my irresistible, disastrous future”
Victor’s mental state “forgetfulness, of which the human mind by its structure is particularly susceptible”
PERFECT Victor reminisces on his home life quote “I repassed, in my memory, my whole life; my quiet happiness while residing with my family in Geneva”
Victor reminisces on his creation of the monster “I remembered, shuddering, the mad enthusiasm that hurried me on to the creation of my hideous enemy”

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