Frankenstein Chapter 15

What three books did the monster read while at the cottage? Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Plutarch’s “Lives,” and Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Worther.
The monster regards Milton’s story of the struggle between God and his creations as The truth.
The monster regards himself as which Biblical character? Adam
Where did the monster find the three books? In a satchel
What else did the monster find in the satchel? Victor’s journal
What was in Victor’s journal? How Victor made the monster in his lab.
Who did the monster decide to confront in the cottage? The old man, De Lacey.
Explain why the monster thought he could confront one particular person in the cottage. Since he was blind and couldn’t see the monster, he would be more understanding.
Who came home early and prevented the monster from confronting someone in the cottage? Felix, Agatha, and Safie
Who feinted upon seeing the monster? Agatha
Who chases the monster away from the cottage? Felix

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