frankenstein chapter 10

What mountain does Victor? take a tour of to refresh his tortured soul? Mount Montanvert
Who does victor encounter while on the tour of the mountain? the monster
Who wrote the poem cited in chapter 10? Percy Shelly
What surprises the reader about the monster? He is highly literate
What does the monster want from Frankenstein? to be able to live his life alone and safe
How does the monster convince frankenstein to listen to his story? He threatens him
Where does the monster invite Frankenstein to meet him? a cave
What feeling did Frankenstein have when he first encountered his monster? horror
What did the village people who encountered the monster experience? violence
How does Victor feel while he climbs the mountain? He is sad, and feels detached from the world.
Where does the monster find shelter? in the woods
Victor says he wants to either to happy or___________ “be carried to his grave”

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