Frankenstein ch. 3-10

how is the story of Victor’s mother’s death ironic? C: wanted to take care of E while she was sick & ended up dying from the same illness
what does Victor contemplate in the first hours of his departures? how do these thoughts indicate his future? thinks ab the loneliness & sorrow in his lifeindicate his future bc he doesn’t wanna leave his family
why does VF not want to study the contemporary scientists suggested by Krempe? more interested in the goals of Waldmannew proving old wrong
what changes VF’s mind about new chemists? his convo with Waldman
Krempe vs. Waldman K: rude & uglyW: polite & good looking
why does VF favor science above all other disciplines? bc it’s limitless & you can always learn/discover more
how is VF’s practice of science different from the modern practice of science? he observes corpses // modern science is based on experiments
why does VF hesitate to make a creature like man?why does he go through with it? he’s afraid it would take too much time still goes thru with it bc of his pride & ambition // wants someone to praise him (power=corruption)
what traditional tragic flaw is VF demonstrating? pride & ambition & inflated ego
what’s the central flaw in VF’s decision what to create? he thinks the creature would be beautiful but it turns out to be horrifying // not truly creating new life
what internal conflict does VF deal with as he finishes his creation? he’s repelled by the creature but he’s also obsessed with him
Gothicism // ch. 4 VF’s ill health (pale skin // bulging eyes)black lips, yellow eyes, visiting the charnell house
what’s romantic in the moral VF shares with Walton? both secluded from society taken away from lifepassionate towards studies
how is the night that the creature is born an example of Gothic prose? darkstormyrainy
what’s ironic about the creature’s physical appearance? VF picked beautiful parts for the creature // when he put everything together, he created a hideous monster
what’s romantic about the creature’s physical appearance? lustrous hairpearly whites
how does VF feel about his creature?what does he do after the creature comes to life? truly horrified by the creatureruns out of his lab
what event is foreshadowed in the beginning of ch. 5? Elizabeth’s death
what does VF feel when the creature reaches out to him?what do you think is the creature’s reason for reaching out for VF? feels scared & disgusted by the creatureCreature feels that VF is the only one closest to him (creator)
what’s most likely the cause of VF’s reaction to his success? parallel to creature’s physical appearance // horrified & afraid
in E’s letter to VF, there’s one example of Shelley’s support for the revolution in France and republican society (find it) page 69 // 1st paragraph
what do you learn about in E’s letter through plot exposition? Justine’s life history
what sparks VF’s fever? lack of sleep // shock of his creation
how is VF’s recovery an example of Romanticism? nursed back to health with love & care by Clerval
how does Shelley create suspense toward the end of these chapters? writing ab Justinemonster’s disappearance
what function do letters serve in this & previous chapter? give more info on what’s happened since VF has been gone
what briefly lifts VF’s spirit on his journey home?why is this significant? childhood & surrounding nature // fall into the Romanticism theme & wants to return home
why does E believe that she is responsible for William’s death? gives him a locket & believes he was robbed for it
what is “gothic” about VF’s encounter with the creature? stormy night
what is depicted in the picture above the Frankenstein’s mantelpiece? picture of Caroline kneeling down @ her father’s coffin
why doesn’t VF take blame from Justine? wasn’t @ the scene (not believable) wants the creature to stay a mysterydoesn’t want anyone to think he’s crazy
why does E’s speech in court hurt Justine? people believe Justine hurt her but she just wants to help
what’s revealed about Justine’s character in these chapters? religioustruly loves the Frankenstein family
do you think VF is as guilty as he feels he is? of what do you think he is guilty of, if anything? not as guilty as he says he is (didn’t realize the creature would be so horrifying)guilty of creating a “new life” and destroying others just bc he wanted some companionship
how do the reactions of VF and his family to William’s murder illustrate romantic principles? acting with heart instead of mind
what keeps VF from killing himself at the beginning of ch. 9? he knows he must protect his family from the creature // love for Elizabeth
how does VF become a disenfranchised member of society himself? constantly isolating himself & pushing others away
as VF climbs the mountains, what effect do they have on him? begins to find innner peace // saddens him & reminds him of his childhood
why does VF climb Montanvent in spite of the rain? how does that identify this as a romantic novel? kind of pleases him even tho it’s very dreary (healing effect)sets a mood & tone
what are VF’s feelings as his creature approaches him?what is the first thing he says to his creature? feels anger & fear”devil, do you dare approach me?”
how does the creature respond to VF? acts calm & nice (expected his frightened response) // asks why VF tried to recreate life
what biblical character does the creature compare himself to?what character does he think he ought to be? compares himself to the fallen angel but says he ought to be Adam so he can be loved by his creator
what do you think the creature will ask of VF?why? ask VF why he created him & ask for him to create a companion
what does the creature say made him a “fiend”?what is Romantic about this? says that all the hatred & misery he’s gotten from others has made him a “fiend” Romantics believed people are good and evil is introduced when mistreated by others (people are truly good until society corrupts them)
what does the creature claim is the basis of VF’s debt to him?what does the creature promise to VF is he’ll fulfill his duties as a creator? the fact that he created him // owes him protection & love promises he’ll do whatever VF says & protect him and his family

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