Who was the author of Frankenstein? Mary Shelley
Setting Of Frankenstein Geneva; the Swiss Alps; Ingolstadt; England and Scotland; the northern ice
Where did the story start? And who was narrating? And what was he doing? Robert Walton was in the Arctic exploring the unknown, and he came across Victor Frankenstein who was pursuing the monster. Walton was writing letters to his sister, Margaret
How did Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth meet? What was their destiny? Elizabeth was from a lower class family, and Caroline, Frankenstein’s mother, takes her in. They were destined to marry
What happens to Victor before he sets off for university? Elizabeth gets the scarlet fever and his mother takes care of herself. But she then catches it and it kills her. Her death became a catalyst for Victor to learn how to transcend death.
What was Victor’s goal in life? Where did he go to help augment his chances to reach this goal? To discover the secret of life. He went to the University of Ingolstadt to study natural philosophy and chemistry. He becomes zealous to discover this mystery and starts on a project to revive his own creation
Describe the process of making the creature. What was Victor Frankenstein’s reaction to his creature? Frankenstein spent months on this creation in isolation. His health was very low. And he hasn’t contacted any family or friends. He was horrified and disgusted by the creation. He instantly felt regret and ran away. Immediately he got sick.
Who took care of Victor? Describe him. Henry Clerval was just arriving at the university. He saw how Victor’s health was poor and sought to take care of him. Henry plays the foil to Victor; he embodies relentless clarity, openness, concern, and good health, in sharp contrast to Victor’s secrecy, self-absorption, and ill health.
What did Victor’s father’s letter say? It brought the sad news that William, Victor’s younger brother, has been murdered.He has been strangled.
Who is Justine? She is a servant for the Frankensteins.
Who was blamed for the murder of William?What did Victor know? Justine was blamed for the murder because she was not with the Frankensteins that night when William went missing. William had a picture which was found on Justine which counted as evidence that she was the one to do it. Victor knew that his creation did it. It was later revealed the monster placed it on Justine knowing that she will be blamed for it.
Did Justine die?How did Victor feel? She confessed for forgiveness despite she was innocent and was executed. Victor pleaded that she was innocent but he couldn’t tell anyone about his creation. He was too prideful. He did not wish for anyone to see the abomination that he has created. He didn’t want to ruin his reputation
Where does Victor meet the monster? What did the monster do? He went to Montanvert for respite. But the monster found him and persuaded him to stay and told him a story
What was the monster’s story He was very confused by all of the sensations he felt by his new senses. People were frightened by his appearance and it caused him to find a cottage where an old man, Felix, and Agatha lived, the De Laceys. By observing them, he learned how to talk and he read books and letters of Victor to learn. One day he tries to befriend the old man since he was blind. However Felix and Agatha and Safie return and they were frightened and drove the monster out.
Where did the monster go after leaving the De Laceys? What happened there? He went to find his creator in Geneva. He ran into a little girl drowning and rescued her but he was shot by the man who was with her. He found William and he sought to educate him and be his friend but he revealed who he was and strangled him.
How did the end result of the monster’s story affect the monster? What was the purpose of it? After acquiring that knowledge, he realized his creator left him and despised him as well as everyone else. The monster swears to revenge himself against all human beings especially his creator. He wanted Victor to make a female version of the monster. He was lonely because of Victor. He promises to take his new mate to South America to hide in the jungle far from human contact. He argued that he will no longer be compelled to kill.
Where does Frankenstein and Clerval go ? Why? They journey through England and Scotland. Victor leaves Clerval to go to a remote island to create the female monster
Does Victor finish the female monster? How does the monster feel? Victor changes his mind because he does not want the female to breed other monsters. The creature sees Victor tear apart the body and falls into another sickness. The creature vows to “see him on his wedding night.” The monster vows to destroy Victor’s happiness. Victor interprets this to mean that the monster will kill him on his wedding night.
What happens when Victor goes out in a boat to dispose of the female creature’s remains? Where does he end up? What happens when he lands? He falls asleep in the boat. A strong wind blows the boat off course. He lands on the Irish shore and he is taken into custody as a murder suspect.
Who is Mr. Kirwin and how does he treat Victor? What has happened to cause Victor’s arrest? What happens to Victor after his arrest? Mr. Kirwin is the magistrate. Clerval was found on the beach dead. Victor is in prison for two months. Victor becomes feverish. The magistrate finds papers and believes Victor is innocent.
What are the marriage plans? Has Victor understood the Creature’s promise correctly? What happens on Victor’s wedding night? After Elizabeth doubting Victor’s love for her, he rushes to return back to marry her. Victor fears the monster will kill him. Victor believed the monster would kill him, not Elizabeth. The monster kills Elizabeth on their wedding night.
How does his father react to the news of Elizabeth’s death? He dies of a heart attack
What happens when Victor tries to get the authorities to help him hunt for the Creature? What does Victor do? The magistrate tells Victor to prepare for disappointment because the law can do very little to capture the creature. Victor sees the monster stow away on a ship bound for Russia. Victor follows the creature into the Arctic Circle with a dog sled.
What does Victor ask Walton to do? What does he warn Walton about the Creature? Victor asks Walton to destroy the creature. Victor warns Walton that the creature is eloquent and persuasive.
Why wouldn’t Victor tell Walton the details about the creation? Victor tells Walton that he must never know the secret because it will destroy Walton’s happiness.Victor says his passion for science has “chained him in an eternal hell.”
What is Walton’s response to Victor’s death? Who visits his body? Walton cries over Victor’s death and says his mind “is overshadowed by disappointment” in turning the ship around and admitting defeat. The monster boards the ship and finds Victor’s body. The monster has come to ask for Victor’s pardon or forgiveness.
How does the Creature explain what he has done? How does Walton respond to the Creature? The creature says he at first found virtue appealing and hoped he would find someone to love him. However, his crimes have turned him into the lowest, most degraded of creatures. Walton is touched by the monsters explanation but remembers Victor’s final words and calls the monster a hypocritical fiend.
What will the Creature do next? How does he feel about it? The creature will take his own life. He says that no matter how wretched Victor may have felt and how much he suffered, none of it would equal the suffering of the creature. He cannot find acceptance from his creator, so he seeks solace in death.
Who is the real monster? Frankenstein or the monster? the real monster in this situation is Victor Frankenstein and mankind. Frankenstein decides to run away from his mistake.Frankenstein deprived the creature of a family, childhood, nurturing relationships and a companion and no matter who one is, if you were deprived of such things, you may also become bitter and mean. Also the family that was scared of him and Felix who violently attacked the creature, may also be the monsters. They did not even give him a chance, they immediately assumed he was bad because of his outer appearance. It’s interesting to think that the only person that thought of the creature as likable at first was DeLacey, who was also blind. This goes to show that without looking at the creature, he was liked and valued as a human being.
Theme : Guilt Justine was condemned for a murder she did not commit and lost her life because of her unproven innocence. Even though the monster’s hands were the ones who strangled away William’s life, Frankenstein consequently guilty because that is his creator.He created the very monster that resulted in the death of his brother, Justine, Clerval, Elizabeth and indirectly his father.This guilt he felt after realizing what he had contributed to lead to his ceaseless search for the monster. The creature realizes his guilt and contribution to the ultimate death of Frankenstein but also realizes that he is not the only ‘monster’ in the situation. The creature directly caused the deaths of the innocent people
Theme: Knowledge is danger Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton and the creature thirst for knowledge which took them to places but also to dangerous situations. Victor discovers the answer to life and he wanted to exceed it thus creating the creature. However it led to isolation and the monster became dangerous by learning how he would never be loved and people judged him for his appearance and destroyed everything victor loved. It led to the deaths of Victor and the creature. Walton wanted to journey to the North Pole however after hearing Frankenstein’s story, he decided to go back home.

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