What plot exposition does Shelley offer the reader in these chapters? Frankenstein’s birth, early life, family background.
What are Frankenstein’s parents like? How do they feel about each other and about their child? They are very affectionate about each other and towards their child.
How are Victor and Elizabeth different? What kind of person is Victor? They both have different interests. Victor is curious and is more involved into science. Elizabeth is calm and loves nature.
What quality in young Frankenstein proves to be his tragic flaw later in life? He loved learning and pursued that end with ferocity.
Who is Henry Clerval? What is he like? He loved to read Chivarly and Romance, and he composed heroic songs.
What does Victor want to accomplish in life? Why does he turn to the study of mathematics? What prevents him from continuing his study? He wants to find the elixir of life and banish diseases from mankind. He believes destiny has something for him.

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