Final – Fahrenheit 451 Multiple Choice

According to Captain Beatty, who was the first fireman? Benjamin Franklin
Why did Clarisse’s family move away? Because Clarisse died
Who said “Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday…..” Montag
After crossing the obstacle of the avenue, to whose house does Guy go to first? He goes to Fireman and Mrs. Black’s house
Who said this quote “Where’s your common sense! None of these books agree with each other…” Captain Beatty says this to the woman who is about to set herself on fire
Who created the green bullet? Faber
Who said this quote “He was individual. He was an important man. He did things to the world” Granger about his grandfather
What is Faber’s plan once Guy leaves the city? He is going to print more books in St. Louis
What piece of literature was Montag trusted to memorize? The book of Ecclesiastes
Who said this quote “My uncle was arrested another time…” Clarisse
Identify a speaker of this quote “Play the man Master Ridley…” Captain Beatty and the woman who burned herself
What does the title Fahrenheit 451 refer to? The temperature at which books burn
What are the two symbols in this book? The salamander and the phoenix
This is what kind of novel? Dystopian
Captain Beatty said that once in their life, every fireman wants to do what? Read a book
What is the name of the leader of the book people? Granger
What did the fireman use to catch and capture those who broke the law? The Mechanical Hound
Who wrote this book? Ray Bradbury
In the first half of this book, what is fire a symbol for? Destruction and purging

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