FCHS College English Hamlet Quiz

Shakespeare’s Inspiration & Ur-Text Shakespeare was inspired by Thomas Kyd’s Ur-Hamlet to write his own Hamlet. It may contain event before Hamlet, or be an early version of that play. Kyd’s other plays, like “Hieronymo Goes Mad Again” were like Hamlet in the respect that they were revenge tragedies and the end scenes are similar.
The theme of Revenge Hamlet is focused on avenging his father’s death, Fortinbras seeks to get his country’s land back, and Claudius seeks revenge against Hamlet.
Religion in Hamlet The guards think they see ghosts. At first, Hamlet believes that to commit revenge would be immoral, and that his religion says it is wrong. Protestant Christian is the most common religion in that time, and old Hamlet was said to be Roman Catholic.
The Role of Women in Hamlet Ophelia and Gertrude are portrayed as weak, obedient, and manipulated. Ophelia is noticed by Hamlet as a virginal Madonna and inaccessible saint, and a sensual creature accessible to anyone. Female sexuality appears as something unmanageable which cannot be held in place; ultimately is a woman who is deemed the cause of the excess and deficiency in the play and bear the chief burden of guilt.
Who wrote Ur-Hamlet? Thomas Kyd
Shakespeare’s Plays Othello (1604)King Lear (1605-1606)Macbeth (1605-1606)Antony and Cleopatra (1607)Titus Andronicus (1593-1594)Romeo and Juliet (1595-1596)Julius Ceasar (1599)Coriolanus (1607-1608)

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