Family quotes Hamlet

“Gertrude do not drink” – “come let me wipe thy face” Gertrude ignores Claudius then wipes Hamlet’s brow – after all H’s accusations of G being selfish he gets what he wants – a doting mother who prefers him to her husband
“once more in his arms” Laertes jumps into Ophelia’s grave – after preoccupation with her sexuality, cannot ignore the incestuous tones
“Hercules” “Hyperion” Hamlet idealises his father – but ghost showed no interest for son’s well being
“wringing of her hands” G’s innocence – anxious and nervous = real
“treason” G admits marriage to Claudius to be
“black” G claims the colour of her soul as (guilty)
“bloody deed” Hamlet’s word play – marrying a murderer
“neglected love” polonius believes H’s madness to be this, could be from his mother
“At such a time i’ll lose my daughter to him” sexual overtones effectively whoring his daughter to protect power
“Jeptha” H refers to Polonius as a figure from the OT who sacrificed his virgin daughter
“my too changed son” G oblivious to son’s grief – represent emotional deception, relies on others to help her son (opposite to woman’s usual role)
“i doubt it is no other but his father’s death and our hasty marriage” “wicked speed” G knows the source of problem, ignorant to H’s feelings, acknowledges the mistake
“but my uncle-father and aunt-mother are deceived” mother displaced through incest
“light heart” “give every man thy ear but few thy voice” archetypal family – Polonius’ status defined by advice he gives his children – dead by end of play, death of normality by hands of revenge tragedy
“i shall obey my lord” Ophelia – passive C16 daughter
“minds eye” Hamlet claims to see his father in —, phrase used by Horatio = meeting of minds
“Horatio or do i forget myself” Horatio’s relationship with Hamlet allows the audience to trust Hamlet
“seems madam not seems/tis not alone my inky cloak” over dramatisation presents H’s discontent – use of mother, highlights importance of blood tie he refuses to allocate with Claudius
“I shall in all my best obey you madam” only show of love to G by H
“O wicked speed! to post/with such dexterity to incestuous sheets” incest = illegal in God’s eyes – H resents this??
“so excellent a king that was to this/hyperion to a satyr” “my fathers brother (but no more like my father than I to Hercules” comparison of OH and Claudius – we know H is exaggerating bc OH did same to Fortinbras and his father, so he too is a murderer
“the most immediate to our throne” “here in the cheer and comfort of our eye” Claudius = aware of Hamlet’s threat
“my son” “a little more kin than kind” Hamlet cuts C off – unnatural flow of lines – unnatural father
“tis unmanly grief” Claudius tries to play guardian
“with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage/in equal scale weighing delight and dole/taken to wife” Claudius’ grief = controlled and measured – immediately showing H as malcontent
“my dread lord” “bow them to your gracious leave and pardon” Laertes presented as of more of a son figure – respect asking for pardon after receiving it from his father
“put on him what forgeries you please” spies on laertes

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