Fahrenheit 451 study guide part 2

When was the last liberal arts college shut down? 40 years ago
T/F Professor Faber though Montag’s call was some sort of trap true
Why did Faber’s fear dissipate when Montag was standing outside his door? He knew the call wasn’t a joke
What did Montag want from Faber? Listen to him and help him understand the reading
T/F Faber reminded Montag that people who are having fun are reluctant to become rebels. true
How did Montag finally get Faber to consider really helping him? Ripped pages out of bible until he agreed to help
What to items were exchanged before Montag left the professor’s house? the bible and the radio
What is the volcano’s mouth? Walls of parlor
T/F Montag pulled the plug on the living room fish bowl false
T/F Faber objected to Montag’s poetry reading true
Why do you think Mrs.Phelps cried in response to Montag’s reading of the poem “Dover Beach?” because she hears emotion in his words
T/F In the late hours of the night, Faber refused to console Montag for foolishly reading poetry to the poor, silly woman false
Listening to Captain Beatty play his harp and needle for Montag had what effect upon Guy? he becomes confused and always blows his cover
After the fire alarm interrupted the poker game, Captain Beatty drove the Salamander to whose house? Montags house

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