Fahrenheit 451 Part 3

When, where, by whom and to whom was this said? “When you’re quite finished you’re under arrest.” Beatty said it to Montag outside of his house when he was told to burn down his house.
Who were the ones to turn in Montag for having books? Mildred and her friends
Explain how Montag felt as he burned down his own house Montag felt similar to the feeling of Ms. Blake, the old woman who burned her house down because he burned his own house down like she had
What happened to the “green bullet” It fell out of Monatg’s ear, then Beatty took it and threatened to find Faber but Monatg burned Beatty so the green bullet was burned as well
What were the causes for Montag using the flamethrower on both Beatty and the hound? Montag burns Beatty because he is taunting him with what he was saying about finding Faber. He burns the hound becuse it was attacking him
What revelation did Montag realize about Beatty after he killed him? He realized that Beatty had wanted to die.
What did Montag do with the four books he retrieved from his back yard? He placed them in another firemans house so that he would get in trouble and have his house burned.
WHy did Montag go to Faber? He runs to Faber’s house because he has nowhere else to go.
How much money did Montag give to Faber? Why? He gave Faber 100 dollars and tells him to use it when Montag is gone.
What were the steps Montag took to avoid being found by the new hound? Montag tells Faber to burn all the things he has touched, to alcohol all of the door handles and to run the sprinklers to erase his scent. Once Montag reaches the river he goes in the water to get rid of his scent.
Why was the chase broadcast to the people? It was being broadcast to entertain the people of the city.
What happened when Montag was not captured? Why? When Montag wasn’t captured the police found an innocent man walking on the street to capture in place of Montag so they could end the chase and not appear as weak and like they were outsmarted by Montag.
What strange emotion came over Montag when he saw the fire in the distance as he walked by the abandoned railroad tracks? While seeing the fire on the distance Montag felt that fire could help people as well as hurt them, he also felt that he was one whole being for the first time.
Whom did Montag find in the country? He found a group of men who have memorized books to preserve them orally.
What did Granger mean by “Welcome back from the dead.”? Granger meant that he is not part of a more important, more meaningful life.
Whenever Granger and other like-minded people had been stopped by authorities, why wasn’t any incrimination evidence found? No evidence was found because they burned all the books after they had memorized them.
Did you have a sense that there were other “book chapters” in other towns? Why? Yes you did because Granger tells Montag that someone else had memorized “The Book of Ecclesiastes” as well.
What could Montag contribute to the group? His knowledge of the bible.
What does Granger mean by the quote “You’re not important. You’re not anything.”? Granger is saying that they are small and unimportant compared to the whole world and the scheme of things.
What happened to the city? The city is bombed because of war and is in ashes.
Why was this group of men hopeful? They are hopeful that one day they will be able to preserve society by the books that they have memorized.

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