Fahrenheit 451 part 2

What comes to the door as Montag and Mildred are reading? Why could this be important? The Mechanical Hound comes to Montag’s door. This is important because it shows how smart the technology is at tracking, and it also shows how Montag lost the fireman’s trust. It foreshadows that the fireman are after him.
Explain the link Montag makes between the books and Clarisse The link Montag makes between the books and Clarisse is that Clarrise’s favorite subject wasn’t herself, but instead, it was everyone else. In books, they focus on their surroundings instead of themselves.
Explain the link between Montag’s experience and the Allegory of the Cave The Allegory of the Cave is a lot like Montag’s life because Montag is chained to a world filled with technology and no escaping what is real and what isn’t. The prisoners in the cave are chained to the ground and their bodies are directed to the cave wall, which plays shadows of people’s lives. This is a lot like the parlor walls because both are not connected to their lives.
What happened to the liberal arts colleges? The liberal arts colleges shut down for lack of students and patronage.
How is Montag acquainted with Faber? Montag met Faber in the park and he was suspicious that Faber was hiding books by the way he acted.
Why does Montag have the memory about the sieve and the sand? Montag suddenly has the memory about the sieve and the sand because he compares the sieve to his life and the sand to his happiness. The sieve can’t contain all of the sand just like how his life doesn’t have any depth or happiness to it. Also, if he read fast enough, some of the sand could stay in the sieve. In this example, it means that some of the knowledge of the book can stay with him in his mind.
Describe what is going on on the train as Montag goes to see Faber. Montag started to continuously yell “Denham’s Detrifice”. Then, he started hearing voices that were whispering the same thing over and over. He drew attention to himself, and people were begging him to stop reading from the book. Everyone was shocked, and no one could take their eyes off of Montag.
Why does Faber see himself as cowardly? He sees himself as cowardly because he hasn’t told anyone about his earpiece that he made, other than Montag.
What does Faber mean when he says good books have “pores”? Faber means that good books have features that you can put under a microscope and find life in. What he is saying is that there is more to a good book than the basic text. He is also saying that good writers can touch lives with their books.
Explain the three things Faber says people need in order to value books. The three things are quality of information, leisure to digest it, and the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two. Quality, to Faber, means texture. Quality also involves books having pores and depth. Leisure to digest it means time for the author to think. The right to carry out actions means thoroughly understanding the first two to accomplish the last one.
How does Montag force Faber to become his guide? Montag forces Faber by beginning to tear up the Bible, which made Faber mad. He would’ve continued to rip it if Faber hadn’t said yes.
Those who don’t build must burn. It’s as old as history and juvenile delinquents.” What does this mean? This means that there is nothing in between building and burning in their time. You are either on the government’s side or a rebel. Most of the town is told to be on the burning side.
How does Faber’s use of technology differ from the rest of his society? He uses his TV for news and updates unlike the rest of society, who spend their whole day using technology.
What has changed in Montag that makes Faber say he is “wise already?” The change in Montag is that he is doesn’t need to be told what to do because it is in his instinct.
What two things does Montag do that irritates or makes the women uncomfortable? Montag unplugged the parlor walls and started talking to the women about the war and politics.
What does Mrs. Bowles compare raising children to? She compares raising children to washing clothes. She says that you can just stuff the laundry in and slam the lid.
What can the reader infer about the election from what the women say? The reader can infer that the election is more about the looks than the actual politics by the way that the women were comparing looks.
Why do you think Bradbury chose the poem “Dover Beach” for Montag to read to the women? Bradbury chose the poem “Dover Beach” for Montag to read to the women because it was an emotional poem and he was trying to show the women how emotions make them uncomfortable.
What impact does the poem have on the women? Mrs. Phelps cried and everyone else was bewildered. Mrs. Bowles got angry at Montag for reading it.
Why does Montag throw the women out of the house? Montag kicked the women out because their reaction reminded him about how empty their lives were, which made him angry.
What is the difference in the way Faber and Beatty each try to convince Montag to their way of thinking? Beatty tells Montag that knowledge is dangerous, but Faber tells Montag that knowledge is a gift. Beatty uses the words of the books to twists their meaning and make them sound bad, but Faber uses them to inspire Montag.
Why does Beatty quote from so many authors in his speech to Montag? What does this tell the reader about Beatty? He’s quoting the authors and twisting the words to try to prove that all people who write the books are bad. It tells the reader that Beatty is fascinated with the excitement of burning the books because he’s so convinced that they’re bad.
What images does Bradbury use in describing the firemen at the end of this section? What feeling are they meant to evoke? Bradbury uses images of cripples and spiders. The feelings that are meant to be evoked are that the fireman are very menacing and robotic.

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