Who is Guy Montag and what is his job? The main Character of the story; He is a fireman
Describe Montag’s job as a fireman. What does he do? He has to start fires of any person who is found to have books in their possession or in their house
Who is Clarisse McClellan? What is she like, and how old is she? She is the young lady who lives in his neighborhood; she is “crazy” because she doesn’t live life like everybody else; she is vivacious and creative and HAPPY; she is 17 years old
What inferences can you make about the society they live in when Clarisse says, “because they never see them slowly,” in reference to the billboards? People move so fast in the world and in society that they never slow down to enjoy life; even drivers do not have a speed limit they have to follow
Why do you think some people are afraid of firefighters? They think that they are about to have their house burned down by these firemen
According to Montag, what smells like perfume? Kerosene
Who is Mildred? What happened to her? Montag’s Wife; she overdosed in pills (30 capsules)
Instead of emergency room doctors, why did technicians treat Mildred? Because it was a common-place event for people to overdose; it is the job of these technicians to pump stomachs; people’s lives are not valued and this carefree attitude of the men illustrate this view
What are parlor walls? Describe what they are like and what they do. Huge televisions that hang on the wall in family rooms; they have people talking fast and about nothing in particular: they are basically just noise; no meaning or plot-line to the stories; they run continuously
What is the Mechanical Hound? What does it do and how does it work? It is a dog-shaped robot with eight legs. It is made of metal. It’s purpose is to hunt down and kill fugitives, who have violated the law of society
Why is Montag suspicious of the mechanical hound? What are the reasons for being suspicious? The Hound threatened him
How did Clarisse’s psychologist describe her? Why? Anti-social, an Onion, doesn’t act like any of the kids, Acts like kids of the older times
Who is Captain Beatty? Describe what he looks like . Runs the fire house where Montag works, reads a lot of books, smart, lectures Montag all the time.
How do firemen know which houses have books? Citizens Rad on each other ( telling on them)
What lies does Captain Beatty tell Montag? Why do you think he tells this lie? Tells him that firemen never put out fires they always started them. He wants everyone to believe what he says.
While in the attic of at the old lady’s house, What does Montag take? One of the Old Lady’s books
Why do you think the lady chose to commit suicide and die with the books? Hates the society she lives in and wants the old life back than not being able to have books.
What happened to Clarisse? DO you think it was an accident? She was hit by a car. No I don’t think it was an accident because she acts differently than everybody else that lives in that society.
What is Montag worried about Captain Beatty finding at his house? The book he took from the old lady’s house
Do you think that Captain Beatty knows about Montag’s secret? Why or why not? Captain Beatty probably knows about Montag’s secret because Mildred and Montag’s argument made it obvious the way they were acting.
Why do you think Captain Beatty believes in burning books? To maintain social order , upsetting thoughts in peoples minds so we are trying to stay happy.
What secret does Montag reveal to his Wife Mildred? He has books hidden inside a vent and shows it to Mildred, wants too read them, and Captain Beatty is on too Montag. Meaning he’s keeping an eye on him.

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