Fahrenheit 451: Part 1 Quiz

name of fireman/ main character Guy Montag
Montag’s helmet is numbered… 451
Montag has a … on his arm salamander
Montag has a … disc on his chest phoenix
Guy Montag has been a fireman since he was … 20, 10 years ago
The girl who he runs into that night is his new… neighbor
The age of Clarisse McClellan 16
Clarisse describes herself as … crazy
In this society it is illegal to do what? read books
The firemen in this society don’t put fires out but instead start them with … kerosene
You can also be arrested in this society for being a … pedestrian
Clarisse knows that there is … on the grass and looks up at the … dew, moon
When Montag gets home he finds that his wife … has … Mildred, overdosed on sleeping pills
Who is Beatty? the captain of the firehouse
Montag feels like the mechanical hound… doesn’t like him
Clarisse is labeled … because she doesn’t want to do what everyone else wants to do ant-social
Clarissa says that she is sometimes … and one of her favorite pass-times is … ancient, people watching
The art in this society is all … abstract
Mildred tells him that Clarisse is … dead
On the radio, he hears a possible declaration of… war
Fireman supposedly have a certain look, what is it? black brows, black hair, fiery faces, and bluish-ash-smeared cheeks
At one fire it is mentioned that Montag glanced at a single line of a book, what was the book? fairy tale book
According to their history who do they think was the first fireman? Benjamin Franklin
At one fire something is different, what is it? a woman is there
When they see the woman there, Montag states that is no longer impersonal like “…” snuffing a candle
When Montag is in the attic he does what? steals a book
Bradbury compares books to… birds
What does the woman show the firemen after she refuses to leave the house? a match
Before the woman commits suicide she says something about her master… who had been burned alive in Oxford, 1555 for heresy Ridley
heresy speaking against certain beliefs (ex. religion, government)
Montag hides the book where? under his pillow
What does Mildred constantly keep in her ears? sea shells
Montag feels that Mildred is a … stranger
Montag asks Mildred a question while in bed what was it? “When did we meet and where?”
Neither of them know when and where they meet even though it was only … years ago 10
Montag also asks himself a question, thinking about Mildred, what was it? “How do you get so empty?”
Mildred tells Montag something shocking along with sad what was it? Clarisse is dead
What does Clarissies’s family do when she supposedly dies? they move away

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