Fahrenheit 451 Chapter Summary

Pages 3-21 -Guy enjoys burning books-Guy meets Clarisse -Mildred tries to commit suicide-The “Snake” eats up all the poison in Mildred-Guy notices Clarisse’s Family have the lights on and are talking instead of having the lights off and watching T.V.
Pages 21-44 -Guy tries Clarisse’s dandelion trick-The Hound dis-likes Guy (Jumps at him), which makes Captain Beatty suspicious-Guy burns a house and the old lady inside decided to die with her house and books, so she caught herself on fire-Clarisse Disappears
Pages 44-67 -Guy understands how powerful books are (From the old lady’s death), so he stops burning books.-Beatty tells Guy that books are bad because they make people feel free-Mildred tells Guy Clarisse died-Guy calls in sick from work-Beatty comes over and warns Guy about hiding books-Montag shows Mildred the 20 books he had in his closet
Pages 67-81 -Beatty comes back, and then the hound-Guy doesn’t understand the books, and then he remembers meeting Faber-He calls Faber and asks about how many Bibles, works of Shakespeare, and Plato. Faber responded as “none”-Guy heads to Fabers house on the Subway and tries to memorize the bible, so he can destroy it-Guy finds it hard to memorize the bible because annoying adds are blaring on the Subway-Faber asks if Guy came for a good or bad cause-He goes to Faber’s house and rips the bible to get Faber to help him
Pages 81-98 -Faber gives Guy the seashell ear piece and they decide to work together-Guy decides to read “Dover Beach” to Mildred’s friends-Faber an Guy decide to hide books in Firemen’s houses to destroy society
Pages 98-108 -Faber tells Guy to stop being a Fireman-Guy hides books in the bushes of his house
Pages 108-125 -Beatty goes and burns Guy’s house secretly-Mildred and one of Mildred’s friends called the fire dept.-Mildred leaves with her sister-Beatty sees the seashell and burns it-Beatty threatens to kill Faber-Guy kills Beatty with a flame thrower, and knocks out Black, and Stoneman-Guy destroys the Hound, but only after it crippled his leg
Pages 125-145 -Teens try to run over Guy-Guy goes to Faber’s house to loose his scent-Guy leaves a book in Black’s house-The T.V. tells everyone to look out of their houses-Guy jumps in the river just in time, and then he remembers the farmhouse
Pages 145-End -Guy trips on the railroad that Faber told him to follow. -Guy feels like Clarisse once walked this railroad-Hobos tell Guy to come sit down and see how his chase will end (It ends with the Hound killing a random person)-The Hobos have Author names and there king’s name is Granger-The Hobos explain that they memorize books, and teach it to people so they can add to their library of mind. -The bomb hits the city and Guy remembers meeting Mildred in Chicago-Guy sleeps, wakes, and saves his breakfast for later.
78 & More Info -Guy thinks that if he reads the bible quickly, it will go into his mind faster, but it doesn’t like the sieve.-There are books in the society, just not manuals

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