Fahrenheit 451

What plan did Montag and Faber devise? They were going to plant books in firemen’s houses and turn in alarms on the firemen. This was to cast suspicion on all firemen
What was Montag willing to do to convince Faber to help carry out the plan? He would destroy his book, page by page, until Faber would cooperate
What had Faber designed that allowed him to be in constant contact with Montag? He had designed an electronic radio transmitter which could be placed in his ear
Why did Faber decide to go to St. Louis? He wanted to enlist the help of an unemployed printer to begin making copies of books
Why did Montag burn the book of poetry in the wall incinerator in his home? He had been told to do so by Faber, through the transmitter, to show the ladies he was playing a joke on them
Where did Montag hide his books after the ladies left? He hid them in his backyard
What was the destination of the alarm on the night Montag returned to work at the firehouse? The destination was Montag’s home
Who was the final informant on Montag’s home? Mildred
Why did Montag kill Captain Beatty? Beatty was aware that Montag was wearing a radio transmitter, and he was determined to find out who was on the other end
Why didn’t Montag run away before he killed Captain Beatty? He knew the mechanical hound was in the neighborhood and would kill him
Where did Montag go after he killed Beatty? Faber’s house
When Montag left Faber’s house, which direction did he go? He headed for the river
Why did Montag take whiskey, a suitcase, and some of Faber’s dirty clothes with him? He needed some strong-smelling things to throw the dog off his scent
Montag identified something he saw in his travels as a path to safety. What was it? It was the railroad tracks
What was different about the fire Montag saw after leaving the river? It was giviong warmth and comfort, not destroying things
During the manhut for Montag by the hound, why did the camera identify an innocent man as Montag? The firemen needed to look good, and put a neat ending on the day’s work
What was different about the hobos Montag met? They were all intellectuals
How were these men preserving literature? Each man had memorized a piece of literature to be written down at a later time
What literature did Montag preserve? The Book of Ecclesiastes
What happened during the war? The city and its inhabitants were destroyed
What did Montag and the intellectuals believe their mission to be once the war was ended? They wanted to learn from previous mistakes, and always to remember

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