Examples of Literary Terms for LOTF

Hyperbole In a year or two when the war’s over they’ll be traveling to Mars and back.
Simile “The boys panting like dogs…”
Foreshadowing Jack and Piggy arguing since the beginning of the book meant that Jack would later do something to Piggy.
Metaphor ” The creature was a group of boys..”
Personification A blur of the sunlight crawling across his hair.
Imagery The fat boy looked startled.
Symbol Conch-free speechFire- signal to get rescuedPiggy’s glasses- knowledge, survival
Dilemma Stay and take care of the fire or go hunt. both have negative consequences.
Internal Conflict Simon talks to the Lord of the Flies (Satan).
External Conflict Jack and Piggy always got in arguments.
Allegory The conch was for calling assembly. The glasses was for fire. The fire was for food and rescue.
Allusion – And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. Simon, while hallucinating, converses with the Lord of the Flies, the beast’s emissary; the Lord of the Flies declares his intention to destroy all that is good on the island.
Antagonist Jack
Protagonist Ralph
Point of View Lord Of the Flies is told in 3rd person viewpoint.
Epiphany Simon realizes the beast is the parachutist.
Irony The rescuer thinks the boys are playing and chasing each other for fun when Ralph is really running for his life because if he were to stop he would have been brutally killed.

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