Epic: from Beowulf, Part I

The comment, “So gold can easily Triumph, defeat the strongest of men, No matter how deep it is hidden,” implies that lust for gold is ultimately destructive for all men.
If you wanted to support the idea that Beowulf is an epic hero, you might best note that he — embodies the ideal of Anglo-Saxon society
All of the following are elements of an epic poem except: The involvement of the supernatural is never used in the story.
Who is the most infallible out of the people below? Superman
A resolute man is: determined.
In Beowulf, why does Beowulf sail with his chosen companions to Hrothgar’s kingdom? to help Hrothgar by destroying a monster
A baseball player who swings his bat vehemently swings it with: a powerful force
Which is the best paraphrase of the following passage from Beowulf ?So the living sorrow of Healfdane’s son / Simmered, bitter and fresh, and no wisdom / Or strength could break it: that agony hung / On king and people alike . . . Hrothgar felt a strong and unending sorrow that he had no power to overcome. It affected both him and his subjects.
Someone who is extolled is: praised highly.
How can the reader tell that Beowulf is an epic poem? The hero is described as someone greater than all other men.

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