English // The Tempest Quiz #1

Prospero Protagonist, Former Duke of Milan, Brother of Antonio, Father of Miranda, Master of Ariel and Caliban (partly to blame for giving power to Antonio b/c he was studying liberal arts and magical studies while Antonio was ruling for him)
Miranda Daughter of Prospero, in love with Ferdinand, unbeknownst to her father’s actions
Ariel Spirit helper of Prospero, one who wrecks the ship, seeks to be freed from Prospero’s rule;
Caliban Slave of Prospero, disliked by Miranda and Prospero
Ferdinand Son of Alonso, in love with Miranda
Antonio Prospero’s wicked brother, profited from Prospero’s disappearance; betrayed Prospero and usurps all power
Alonso King of Naples, father of Ferdinand, brother of Sebastian
Sebastian brother of Alonso, seeks to murder Alonso and become King; wicked and underhanded
Characters initially on the island: Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban
Character who is responsible for the shipwreck: Ariel, guided by Prospero
Why did Shakespeare begin his play with a storm? The storm with which this play opens is intended to recall the foul play by which Prospero was robbed of his dukedom, and he and Miranda were moved hence out of Milan, to what was hoped by his enemies would have been a cruel death. It is intended, also, to be a punishment upon the doers of that wicked deed (the passengers of the boat).
Who was in charge of the ship during the storm at sea? The Ship-master was in charge of the Boatswain and the mariners
How loyal is Sebastian to his brother, the king Alonso? He isn’t, Sebastian wants to leave the king when he thinks the ship is sinking.
Why does Miranda ask her father to calm the storm at sea? Miranda knows that he has raised the tempest with his magic and he also has the power to calm the storm.
How does Prospero comfort Miranda’s fears about the suffering people on the ship? Prospero tells Miranda that there has been “no harm done.”
Where did Prospero and Miranda get their supplies for the island? Gonzalo, the king’s councilor, felt sorry for them, stocking their leaky vessel with water, food, clothing, and Prospero’s books.
Gonzalo the king’s councilor; helps Prospero and Miranda to escape and survive after Antonio usurped Prosper’s title.
Why did Prospero raise the storm at sea with his magic? He wanted to regain his importance and power over the people on the ship
Themes in the Tempest Mercy v JusticeMen v MonsterMaster v SlaveProgress v Cost/ImpactUtopianismUtopianism & ColonialismDream v RealityIdealism v Realism
Context of the Tempest Colonialism”New World Idealism”SlaveryShakespeare’s Last PlayUtopianism
Who wrote “Utopia”? Sir Thomas More
Sycorax Wicked witch who imprisoned Ariel in a tree. Sycorax died, leaving Ariel trapped until Prospero arrived and freed him.
Boatswain Ship’s officer in charge of the hull and other equipment; angers the noble characters with foul-mouthed and rude remarks, but remains competent and resourceful in the shipwreck scene, demanding practical help rather than weeping and prayer.
Characters on the ship Alonso, Ferdinand, Antonio, Gonzalo, Sebastian

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