English Romeo and Juliet Final Study Questions

(Act I) Where is the setting of Romeo and Juliet? Verona
(Act I) What two families are in a feud with one another? Capulets and Montegues
(Act I) Benvolio and Tybalt come upon the servants fighting. How do they react to the fight? Benvolio tries to break it up, but Tybalt wants to fight.
(Act I) What ended the fight? The prince threatens them all with death if they continue to fight.
(Act I) Why is Romeo so sad? The girl he loves does not feel the same way about him.
(Act I) In Act 1, scene 2, Paris asks Juliet’s father for her hand in marriage. How does her father respond? He tells Paris Juliet is too young and he should wait two years.
(Act I) What relationship is Tybalt to Lord Capulet? He is his nephew.
(Act I) Who is hosting the masquerade party? Capulet.
(Act I) Why does Romeo decide to go to the masquerade even though he is not invited? He wants to see Rosaline.
(Act I) How does Tybalt recognize Romeo at the masquerade? By his voice
(Act I) Juliet is 14 years old. (True or False) False
(Act I) Juliet is Romeo’s first and only love. (True or False) False
(Act I) Romeo finds out about the masquerade from Mercutio. (True or False) False
(Act I) Romeo and Juliet do not kiss at the masquerade. (True or False) False
(Act I) Juliet’s mom and the nurse want her to marry Paris. (True or False) True
(Act I) Benvolio is Romeo’s brother. (True or False) False
(Act I) Abraham is an enemy of Romeo. (True or False) False
(Act I) Before she meets Romeo, Juliet wants to marry Paris. (True or False) False
(Act I) The prince is Romeo’s older brother. (True or False) False
(Act II) When Mercutio cannot find Romeo at the beginning of the act, what does Mercurio assume? He assumes that Romeo is crying over Rosaline.
(Act II) Why does Friar Laurence agree to help Romeo and Juliet? He hopes that their love with resolve the conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues.
(Act II) When Romeo speaks with the nurse, what does he tell her? He asks her to tell Juliet to go to shrift at Friar Lawernce’s cell so they can marry.
(Act II) What word would best describe Juliet’s feelings as she waits to hear the message Romeo has sent? Angry
(Act II) What is Friar Laurence’s fear as Act II ends? He fears that the swiftness of Romeo and Juliet’s love will produce a violent end.
(Act II) Instead of returning home after the party is over, where does Romeo go? He stays at the Capulet house where he sneaks over a wall to talk with Juliet.
(Act II) To what does Romeo compare Juliet’s beauty? The sun
(Act II) Friar Laurence mentions that flowers have both __________ and __________ in them. Poison, healing
(Act II) How long does Juliet wait for the Nurse to return with the news from Romeo? 3 hours
(Act II) What does Juliet want Romeo to do as she speaks from her balcony? Deny his father and refuse his name.
(Act II) Friar Lawrence is worried that Romeo and Juliet’s love is too passionate and will be brief, like the explosion when __________ and __________ kiss. fire, gunpowder
(Act II) He also says they may become sick of their sweet love, as one becomes sick of __________ when he eats too much of it. honey
(Act II) His advice is to love in _________. moderation
(Act II) Romeo and Juliet can’t find the words to express their feelings, saying that “They are but ________ who can count their ________,” meaning that she has so much love that she cannot even sum it up. loves begs, wealth
(Act II) Who am I? I believe you should only love in moderation. Friar Lawrence
(Act II) Who am I? I was Romeo’s rival for Juliet’s hand. Paris
(Act II) Who am I? I accompanied the Nurse when she spoke with Romeo. Peter
(Act II) Who am I? Others are envious of my fighting abilities. Tybalt
(Act II) Who am I? I mocked Romeo while he was in the Capulet’s’ garden. Mercutio
(Act III) How does Mercutio receive his fatal would? Tybalt stabs him underneath Romeo’s arm.
(Act III) What does Juliet first assume when the Nurse enters to tell her the news of the fight? She assumes that Romeo is Dead.
(Act III) How does Romeo react when the Prince banishes him? He feels that banishment is worse than death.
(Act III) At the beginning of Scene 5, why does Juliet insist that it is a nightingale and not a lark singing outside her window? The lark sings only in the morning, and she fears that the morning is coming too quickly.
(Act III) What advice does the Nurse give Juliet at the end of Act III She advises Juliet to seek Friar Lawrence’s advice.
(Act III) Who says the following quote? Juliet can “…hang, beg, starve, and die in the streets.” Lord Capulet
(Act III) Why does Juliet defend Romeo’s action of killing Tybalt? Romeo is her husband and he killed Tybalt in self-defense.
(Act III) What best describes Juliet’s behavior towards her parents in Act III? She is disobedient, but pretends to be obedient at the end of the act in order to trick her parents.
(Act III) Romeo has been banished to a town called _________. Mantua
(Act III) Romeo says a __________ and __________ may reach heaven, but he may not. dog, fly
(Act III) Before Mercutio dies, he curses the __________ and __________. Capulets, Montegues
(Act III) When the nurse cries, “He’s dead, he’s dead” Juliet thinks __________ has committed suicide. Romeo
(Act III) __________ says she is “done with” Juliet. Lady Capulet
(Act III) Juliet and her parents have the same beliefs about love and marriage. (True or False) False
(Act III) Mercutio is related to Prince Escalus. (True or False) True
(Act III) Romeo would rather die than be banished. (True or False) True
(Act III) Juliet agrees to marry Paris at the end of Act III. (True or False) False
(Act III) Who says the following quote in the play?From forth the fatal loins of these two foesA pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;Whose misadventured piteous overthrowsDo with their death bury their parents’ strife. the Chorus
(Act IV) What is the effect of the potion Friar Lawrence gives to Juliet? The potion will put her to sleep for 42 hours.
(Act IV) What does Lord Capulet do when Juliet begs his forgiveness for her previous behavior? He moves her wedding date to Wednesday rather than Thursday.
(Act IV) Name one fear that Juliet does NOT express in Act IV, scene iii. She fears her parents will discover her plan to fake her death.
(Act IV) Name three fears that Juliet DOES HAVE in Act IV, scene iii. She fears that the Friar’s potion will not work or kill her.She fears that she will suffocate in the Capulet’s tomb.She fears that she will wake too soon and go insane.
(Act IV) Which of the following seems most likely to have inspired the particular plan that Friar Lawrence proposes to Juliet? Juliet’s threat to kill herself.
(Act IV) The point of Friar Lawrence’s plan is to… fake Juliet’s death.
(Act IV) Capulet’s decision to move up the date of the wedding affects… the timing of Friar Lawrence’s plan.
(Act IV) In Friar Lawrence’s cell, Paris believes that Juliet’s air of sadness has to do with… her upcoming marriage to him.
(Act IV) Juliet asks her parents’ forgiveness and agrees to marry Paris because… it is part of the Friar Lawrence’s plan.
(Act IV) Who first discovers Juliet’s “death”? the Nurse.
(Act IV) Friar Laurence thinks that Juliet is brave enough to take the sleeping potion because… if she is brave enough to die, she is brave enough to fake death.
(Act IV) While Juliet puts Friar Laurence’s plan into action, she asks the Nurse to… stay with Lady Capulet for the night.
(Act IV) Which of the following statements provides the best paraphrasing of the following passage spoken by Juliet in Act IV?”What if it be a poison which the friarSubtly hath ministered to me dead,Lest in this marriage he should be dishonoredBecause he married me before Romeo?”a) What if the friar wants me dead? he’s upset because I married Romeo first and now have to marry Paris.b) What if the friar gave me real poison? Maybe he wants me dead because he is afraid his reputation will be ruined. Since the friar has married me to Romeo, how can he marry me to someone else?c) What if this poison the friar gave me doesn’t work? How can I let myself be dishonored by marrying someone other than Romeo.d) What if the friar made a mistake and gave me a vial of poison rather than a vial of sleeping potion? The friar is a good man, but he might not be thinking clearly. b) What if the friar gave me real poison? Maybe he wants me dead because he is afraid his reputation will be ruined. Since the friar has married me to Romeo, how can he marry me to someone else?
(Act IV) Capulet moves the wedding from _________ to Wednesday. Thursday
(Act IV) The _________ argues with Peter about whether or not they will be paid since their will not be a wedding. 1st Musician
(Act IV) _________ says, “Revive, look up, or I will die with thee!” Lady Capulet
(Act IV) Juliet says she would rather leap from a _________, walk with thieves, lurk where _________ are, or be chained with bears than marry Paris. tower, snakes
(Act IV) Juliet fears she will be trapped in the tomb next to _________’s body. tybalt
(Act IV) What is the name of the church where Shakespeare is buried? Trinity Church

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