English Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Name two things Mercutio says to Benvolio would start a quarrel over? A man for tying his shoes with an old ribbonA man coughing in the streets
Why does Tybalt come looking for Romeo? Because he wants to fight
What is it we and Romeo know, but Tybalt does not? Romeo and Juliet are married, so that means Romeo and Tybalt are cousins.
What does Mercutio want to do to Tybalt? Take one of his nine lives.
Why does Mercutio get upset and get involved in a fight that has nothing to do with him? He cannot tolerate Tybalt.
Who tries to stop Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting? Romeo.
What is the result of Mercutio and Tybalt fighting? Mercutio gets stabbed.
Even as Mercutio is dying he is ____ and ____ Teasing Joking
Mercutio uses an ___ which is a form of irony which is purposely stated as less than it really is. understatement
Give 1 example of an understatement. When Mercutio gets stabbed but says its just a scratch
Mercutio uses a pun on graveThis word means ____ and _____ Serious Dead(burial tomb)
What does Mercutio mean when he says “your houses”? How many times does he say this? Capulets and Montagues 4
Who is Mercutio related to? Why do you think he repeats the above line? Prince of Verona Because he has nothing to do with the fight.
When Tybalt reappears, how does Romeo react? Angry
What does Romeo do to Tybalt? Stabs him
Does Benvolio give an accurate retelling of the fight? When have we seen him do this? Yes he does When Gregory and Sampson were fighting
Why does the prince say “He has an interest in (their) hate’s proceeding? Mercutio is his cousin and now Mercutio is dead
What is Romeo’s punishment? How does the prince decide this? Banishment Mercutio is the one the prince cares about and Romeo killed Tybalt because he killed Mercutio
What should Romeo’s punishment be and why? Death because thats what the prince declared in the beginning
Why does Lady Capulet think Benvolio is lying? What incorrect claim does she make? He is a Montague All that 20 could kill 1 life so basically 20 men ganged up on Tybalt.
Why is Tybalt’s death a turning point in the marriage of Romeo and Juliet? Because Romeo and Juliet are married and Tybalt and Juliet are cousins. Romeo wont be allowed to see Juliet
What is Juliet saying about Romeo’s appearance? He’s so handsome
How many days have passed since the beginning of the play? 2 Days
What is an apostrophe? Soliloquy
How long have romeo and Juliet been married at this point? less than a day
Explain Romeo’s statement “O I am fortunes fool” What theme does this relate to? he feels it was part of his destiny Relates to fate and destiny.
How is the nurse acting when she enters Juliets room? Histarical;Joking
What does Juliet think happened to Romeo? He’s dead
All the examples describe pretty or innocent appearances containing ugly or evil inner reality. Name 4 1. Dove feathered Raven 2. Wolvenish- Ravening lamb 3. Despised substance of divinest 4. A damned saint an honorable villain
How does Juliet reaction change when the nurse begins to criticize Romeo? She gets offended and scolds the nurse for talking so bad about him.
How does Juliet sort through what has happened? By saying if Romeo didnt kill Tybalt, then Tybalt wouldve killed Romeo, so its better to have her husband then cousin.
What does Juliet say was the worst of the news nurse gave her? Romeo’s banishment
What does Juliet compare “one word”to? The death of 10,000 Tybalts and killing her entire family
What is the nurse planning to do at the end of the scene? Bring Romeo back to Juliet
What does Juliet plan on doing have heard the news of Romeo’s Banishment? Kill herself
Romeo’s long speech says that all the ____ can look at Juliet and the ____ can even land on her hands and lips, but he, Romeo cannot because he is banished. He says the Friar may as well kill him with_____ or a _____ as to tell him he is banished. CreaturesFliesPoison Knife
How is Romeo’s reaction to the news of his banishment similar to that of Juliet’s response? Both threatened to kill themselves
Friar Laurence’s speech has two major parts, what are they? 1. He scolds Romeo for acting the way he has been acting. 2. He tells Romeo why he should be thankful by telling him why he should be happy.
What are the 3 reasons Romeo should be happy? Juliet is aliveTybalt is dead so Romeo gets to stay aliveYou should be killed for killing but you was only banished
What are the directions Friar gives to Romeo? 1. Go to Juliets tonight2. Leave Verona before dark3. Wait in Montua until we can make your marriage public, make peace between your families and friends, and get a pardon from the Prince
How will Friar keep Romeo informed of what is happening? Send letters back and forth
What reason does Capulet give to Paris that he hasn’t asked Juliet about their wedding? Because Tybalt died and its hard to talk to her because shes so upset
What is the dramatic irony of these lines “I think she will be ruled in alll respects by me: Nay more, I doubt it not..”? She will allow it to happen, to get married, when in reality she’s already married and will say no.
What is the first day Capulet sets for the wedding? Wednesday
What day does he set it on? Thursday because Wednesday is not long enough
Capulet says there will be “no great ado” and they will not “revel much.” For what reason? Tybalt died and they dont want to show they are over his death.
How is this conversation different than the one in Act1- Scene II? Capulet said no, wait 2 years and now he is letting Paris marry her early
Romeo and Juliet are arguing about whether it is ____ or ____.What image does this relate to? Nightingale Lark Day and Night
How does Romeo finally get Juliet to admit that it is morning and he has to be going? He says he should stay and die because he wants to be with Juliet
What does Lady Capulet believe Juliet is upset and crying? Tybalt’s death
Why is Juliet really crying? Romeo’s Banishment
How does Juliet respond “as a good Capulet” to the request of marriage to Paris? He hasn’t wooed her yetShes married alreadyShe’s to young
Capulet uses a metaphor to comment on how much Juliet is crying. What is one example Her eyes are like the sea (tides) So he is basically saying her body cannot take this extreme crying, just like a boat will eventually be swamped and sunk in rough, stormy, sea
What is Capulets first threat to Juliet when she refuses? I’ll drag you to the church or never look at her again.
What excuses does Capulet give for why he thinks Juleit does not want to marry Paris? She doesnt love himTo young
Why do we know she doesn’t want to marry Paris? We know she cant because she is married to Romeo
After the nurse interrupts him on Juliet’s behalf, he really blows up. What is his threat to Juliet then? He doesn’t care about her and throw her out of the family
What does Juliet beg her mother to do? Delay the marriage
If her mother cannot do what she has asks what will she do? She will kill herself
What are the 2 reason nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris? He is a nice gentlemen 1st marriage is already dead
Why doesnt Juliet tell the nurse the truth? Because the nurse is not on her side
Explain the line ” Go councellor, thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain.” I’ll tell you nothing we are seperated
Why are the lines “Go councellor, thou and my bosom henceforth shall be twain.” Juliet and nurse have been like mother and daughter the whole play and now nurse isnt on her side and basically betrayed Juliet.

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