English-Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Comic relief give emotions a reset, way to break up dramatic scene//ex: nurse trying to sounds intelligence and messing up joke, benvolio & Romeo make fun of nurse
Soliloquy talking alone on stage about inner thoughts//ex:Juliet talking about her thoughts about being nervous because the nurse is late
Foreshadowing Telling what’s going to happen in the future//ex:Romeo is saying that as long as he gets to marry Juliet, he can die a happy man.
Paradox something that seems impossible but is possible//ex:their love for each other
Think about Romeo and Juliet’s behaviors and decisions. How much do you think their relationship resembles modern love and courtship? Because we move on from people way too quickly and then settle when they show any interests at all
Much of the language that Romeo and Juliet use to express their love in 2.2 contains imagery. What are some examples of imagery in this scene? What effects does imagery produce compared to more literal statements? Explain. -Line 94: “mask of night is on my face”-Line 83: night’s cloak= the darknessShows you a picture
Do you think Romeo and Juliet marry too soon? Explain. Consider: how long they have known each other, how they describe their feelings in the balcony scene, what the families might do if they find out Yes because they are doing it based on looks, and their families hate each other, and they barely know each other
What is a soliloquy? What is an example of one in act 2? What does this add to the scene/description? (There are a few) Juliet is talking about feeling nervous bc nurse isn’t back yet
What is personification? What is an example of this in act 2? What does this add to the scene/description? (There a are a few) the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.//ex:-Line 83: night’s cloak= the darkness—Line 94: “mask of night is on my face”—relate to something else
What is Friar Laurence’s reason for marrying Romeo and Juliet? Is the Friar correct in “using” the marriage for this outcome? Is it moral? Explain. End the feud between families//no, no-because he is not thinking about he consequences for them if they get married

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