English: Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Juliet’s mother and the nurse agree that… Juliet is old enough to be married.
According to Romeo’s parents, how has Romeo been spending his days? pining away in a dark room.
Benvolio encourages Romeo to go to the Capulet party to… compare Rosaline with other young ladies.
Judging from his behavior at the party, you can predict that Tybalt will… seek revenge against the Montagues.
When Paris states his interest in marrying Juliet, Juliet’s father… tells Paris that Juliet is still to young to marry.
Which character in Act One serves as a foil for Tybalt? Benvolio
Romeo’s dream in Scene 4 foreshadows that… tragic consequences will result from attending the ball.
At the beginning of the play, Romeo’s parents are worried about him because he… seem unaccountably sad and gloomy
How does Capulet react when Tybalt first tells him that Romeo, the son of his enemy, has come to to the party uninvited? He tells Tybalt to ignore Romeo.
How does the prince react to the tensions between the Capulets and Montagues? He insists that both must end their hostilities.
When Benvolio and Mercutio encourage Romeo to dance at the Capulet party, they are trying to distract Romeo from his gloomy thoughts.

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