English- Romeo and Juliet Act 1

What is the purpose of the Chorus at the beginning of act 1? To introduce the play/ To tell what’s going to happen
What information does the Chorus at the beginning of act 1 tell us? 2 feuding families, children’s death ends the feud, Verona(Italy), star crossed lovers
The feud is between what two families? What does the fight between servants of the families tell us? Mantagues/ Capulets, It is that serious of a fight/ that deep rooted
How does the Prince feel about the feuding between the families? He HATES it- Death to the next one that fights
Who tried to stop the street fight between the two sets of servants in scene 1? Who ended up getting a brawl started? Benvolio/Tybalt
What is Romeo so upset about at the end of scene 1? Romeo is in love with Rosaline but she has taken a vow of chastity.
What does Paris want Lord Capulet to allow him to do? Marry Juliet.
How does Capulet feel about this proposal? What terms does he agree to? Capulet likes the idea of them marrying: wait two years and have her fall in love
Lady Capulet and the Nurse talk to Juliet about Paris before the Capulet Ball. What do they ask of her? Think about getting married/They want her to look at Paris and see if she could love him.
Where do Romeo and his friends go in scene 4? Why? Capulet Ball- to help Romeo to forget about Rosaline (Romeo agrees to go to see Rosaline)
What fear does Romeo have about where they are going? He fears going to the ball will cause his untimely death.
Which character realizes that Romeo and his friends have come to the Capulet ball uninvited? How does this character react to this? Tibilt- he is furious- he thinks they have come to mock his family.
What was Lord Capulet’s reaction to Romeo and friends? Leave him alone- Verona brags he’s a good kid and he’s not causing trouble
What is Tybalt’s reaction to Capulet’s response about Romeo and his friends? I’ll leave him alone now- but I will seek revenge
What happens when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time? Love at first sight
How do Romeo and Juliet react when they realize that each of them is the enemy? First Reaction: Disbelief Second Reaction: Don’t care- already in love
Character Lady Monteque
Character Lord Monteque
Character Lady Capulet
Character Lord Capulet
Character Romeo
Character Juliet
Character Nurse
Character Tybalt
Character Benvolio
Character Paris
Character Sampson
Character Gregory
Character Abram
Character Rosaline
Character Queen Mob (fairy queen)

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