English – Romeo and Juliet

The apothecary Pharmacist, Romeo goes to him to get poison to kill himself.
Lord Capulet Father of Juliet, head of the Capulet house.
Lady Capulet Mother of Juliet.
Friar John messenger for Laurence, wasn’t able to get message of “potion” plan to romeo.
Friar Laurence secretly married Romeo and Juliet and constructs their plan to run away together.
Juliet Main character, in love with romeo- was a capulet.
Mercutio Kingsman of price, friend of Montogues, killed by Tybalt.
Nurse Basically Nanny to Juliet, helped her with everything.
Paris Friend of Capulets, supposed to marry Juliet.
Peter Nurse’s helper (Capulet)
Romeo Son of Montague and falls in love with Juliet
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin, killed by Romeo.
Aside when a character speaks to the audience.
Comic Relief something funny to lighten the mood of a tragedy.
Dramatic Irony audience knows something the characters don’t.
Hyperbole an exaggeration not meant to be taken literally.
Metaphor a comparison of two unrelated things.
Monologue a long speech by an actor meant to be heard by other actors.
Personification making an inanimate object or something that isn’t human seem human.
Simile direct comparison between two things.
Soliloquy reflection of character’s innermost thoughts that they don’t want other characters to hear.
Sonnet a fourteen line poem style that Shakespeare often uses (ABAB CDCD EFEF DD)
Synecdoche a part of Speech that uses a part to represent a whole
Tragedy a play that has a sad ending, or an upsetting situation
What is the play’s setting? The play is set in Verona in the mid nineteenth century
During what days does the play take place? The play takes place from a Sunday through a Thursday
What significant events are mentioned in the Prologue? In the prologue, it is mentioned that Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers, and in order for their families to stop feuding, they must die.
How do the characters show their respect to the prince? The characters show their respect to the prince by bowing down and stopping to fight.
Why does Capulet decide to have a masquerade/masque? Capulet throws a masquerade to show off his wealth and for Juliet and Paris to meet.
When Nurse learns in scene three that Capulet wants to marry Juliet to Paris, what is her opinion? The nurse’s opinion on Paris and Juliet’s marriage is that she is too young to get married
Why does Romeo worry about attending the masque? Romeo worries that Rosaline won’t like him and that he can’t dance well.
At the end of scene 4, how does Shakespeare foreshadow tragedy? Shakespeare foreshadows tragedy while Romeo is talking to Benvolio and Mercutio, saying “By some vile forfeit of untimely death”.; Romeo has a dream that attending the party is a bad idea
Why does a furious Capulet stop Tybalt from confronting Romeo? Capulet stops Tybalt from confronting Romeo because he is a respected child and hurting him would give them a bad reputation.
What does Tybalt vow, after he sees Romeo? After he sees Romeo, Tybalt vows he will not “endure him”.
How do we know that Romeo is lovesick for Juliet? We know Romeo is lovesick for Juliet, because he compares himself to a pilgrim.
Why does Romeo feel he cannot leave the Capulet estate? What does Romeo overhear? Romeo feels he can’t leave the Capulet estate, because his heart is with Juliet on the estate. He overhears Benvolio and Mercutio making fun of him.
What does Romeo declare to Juliet, and why is Juliet fearful about this? Romeo declares his love to Juliet, and Juliet is wary that he’s just spouting words and does not mean them.
What message from Romeo does Nurse take to Juliet? What is Juliet to tell her parents? The message from Romeo that the Nurse takes to Juliet is that she should meet him at Friar Laurence’s cell so they can get married. She should tell her parents that she’s going to confessions.
When the Friar questions Romeo about his love for Juliet, what is the theme being presented about youth? When the Friar questions Romeo about his love for Juliet, the theme about youth that is being presented is that young people love with their eyes and not their hearts.
Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Friar Laurence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, because he hopes it will heal the rift between the two families.
While Tybalt wants to fight, how does Mercutio use argument to deflect Tybalt? At first Mercutio thinks they are just joking and then it starts getting more and more serious. He doesn’t want to be treated like that by Tybalt, so there “joking” remarks turned into a fight.
How does Romeo try to calm Tybalt? (What does Romeo say?) He tries to calm them down by reminding them about the prince’s threat and that they are in public. He suggested they should move to a private place or stop fighting.
Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt, and Mercutio does so, instead. What positive aspects does this show about Mercutio? He is brave, outgoing, and will do anything to defend/protect his friend (Romeo).
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt, after all? Tybalt had killed Mercutio as a result of Mercutio trying to defend Romeo. This caused Romeo to be angry because of Mercutio’s death and even more angry because he felt it was his fault since he was the one Mercutio was defending. This caused him to go, get into a fight, and then kill Tybalt.
At first Romeo and the friar think that Juliet mourns Tybalt’s death, but why is she really crying, according to Nurse? She is really crying because Romeo was banished.
How is Romeo affected by the ring that Juliet sends? It makes him feel better because now he knows she is still thinking about him and he will be able to see her again.
What is the friar’s plan to keep the lovers safe, and to reunite them later? The Friar’s plan was for Romeo to be with Juliet like they decided when they got married. He should climb up to her bedroom and comfort her. But he needs to get out before the night watchmen take their positions. Then he will escape to the city of Mantua, where he will live until they can make their marriage public and make peace between the two families.
Why does Capulet hastily decide that Juliet needs to marry Paris? He decides that Juliet will marry Paris because he thinks it will help her get over the fact that Tybalt’s dead and he thought that she wanted to marry Paris.
Why does Juliet confuse the nightingale and the lark, on the morning after she and Romeo consummate their marriage? Juliet confuses the nightingale and the lark because she wants Romeo to stay with her and because he has to leave in the morning she says it’s the nightingale (when it is actually the lark) just so that he stays with her.
What does Capulet do when Juliet says she refuses to marry Paris? He starts complaining about how ungrateful, disobedient and worthless she is for what her parents have done to find her a man that she doesn’t even deserve. He tells her that she will be at the wedding Wednesday and if she doesn’t go he will drag her there. He says that if she doesn’t go he will excuse her and not let her live under his roof. He says he will let her beg, starve and die in the streets and he will never take her back if she doesn’t marry Paris.
Why does Nurse now urge Juliet to marry Paris? The nurse is convinced that because Romeo is banished he won’t come back unless he sneaks back undercover and since Capulet is already really mad and Paris is a lovely gentleman the best thing for Juliet to do is to marry Paris.
On the night before her forced wedding to Paris, what does Juliet do? On the night before her wedding, Juliet takes a sleeping potion making her appear to seem dead.
How does Juliet manage to be alone in her room? Juliet manages to be alone in her room by telling the nurse she wants to pray.
What doubts does Juliet have about her action? Why? Juliet doubts taking the potion because she fears that the friar won’t come for her and that tybalts ghost will haunt her
Who finds Juliet apparently dead? The nurse finds Juliet dead
From what do the Capulets assume Juliet died? The capulets assume Juliet died because of grief for tybalt.
What does Friar Laurence say to criticize the Capulets’ and Paris’ display of grief? It could have been avoided if the feud had already ended
What is the purpose of the musicians appearance at the end of Act IV? the purpose of the musicians appearance is for comic relief (to lighten the mood).
When Romeo says “I defy you stars” after finding out Juliet is dead, how does this echo a motif in the prologue? How does this statement foreshadow? When Romeo says “I defy you stars” after finding Juliet dead, it echoes the “star-crossed lovers” statement in the prologue, which foreshadows their love not working out.
How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him poison? Romeo convinced the Apothecary to sell him the poison by saying that the apothecary should take any business so he could support his family.
Why doesn’t Friar John get the message to Romeo in time (about Juliet’s “death”)? Friar John fails to get the message to romeo because a town which was required to go through, had closed their gates for quarantine because of sickness.
Why does Romeo kill Paris? Romeo kills Paris because he had to if he wanted to get to Juliet’s tomb.
What is the reason for Romeo’s suicide? He sees Juliet dead and kills himself because he now has no reason to live, he also would’ve been sent to be executed anyway.
What happened between the Capulets and the Montagues after Romeo and Juliet’s death? They realized that their feud should end and they both make statues of Romeo and Juliet.

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