English-romeo and Juliet

young girl romeo believes he loves before he meets juliet Rosaline
legendary queen of carthage who fell tragically in love with aeneas dido
a word meaning prayer orisons
romeos confidant friar laurence
adj. used by the chorus in the prologue to describe the ill fated romeo and juliet start-crossed
central theme of the play love vs. hate, old vs. young, revenge
romeos family name montague
nephew of capulets wife, rash and impetuous tybalt
number of days that elapse during the play 4
nephew of lord montague benvolio
a derogatory name mercutio used for tybalt king of cats
a bitter prolonged quarrel between the familys fued
a servent of the capulets sampson
in mythology, the child of hyperion, the sun god. titan
type of pet that Juliet wishes she could make romeo and thus keep him near her bird
romeos best friend, who was killed in a duel mercutio
roots popular for a sleeping potion mandrake
a form of address used for a man indicating familiarity and contempt sirrah
a person who makes and sells drug preparataions apothecary
latin phrase at end of scenes meaning “they exit” exeunt
“never was a story of more __” woe
who became capulet’s son- in – law death
“dawn song” used in parting dialogue of romes and juliet aubade
town romeo fled to avoid death penalty mantua
the prince substituted this punishment for that of romeos death banishment
prince of veronao esclus
a gold can used by romeo to buy the poison ducat
“good night, good night! parting is sweet __” sorrow
primary setting Verona
juliets confidant nurse
a relative of the prince who Juliet was forced to marry Paris
Romeos servant who brings him news of Juliet bathasar
Juliet’s age 14
“that which we call a __” rose
queen of the fairies described by merctio Mab
an insulting gesture… biting of the thumb
a mild oath to express anger or surprise zounds
bird that sings at the brake of day lark
a close-fitting male’s jacket donble
a formal fight between one persons, armed with deadly weapons to defend one’s honor or settle a dispute duel
form of poetry Shakespeare is known to have written which contains 14 lines sonnet
goddess of dawn aurora
trees symbolizing sorrow mentioned in the churchyard yew
who is the author for down river Will Hobbs
what is aside a stage whisper
when was Shakespeare born april 23, 1564 in England
his father john was a tanner and glover; se also held important civic offices in Stratford including Mayor
his mother Mary Arden was the daughter of a gentleman farmer
his education was excellent he went to a local grammar school
quit school at an early age because he had to help with family debts
at age 18 married anne Hathaway of shotery, she was 26 at the the time
first child of shakespear and Anne susanna, which was shakespeares favorite
what where the twins names hamnet and judith
when did Shakespeare die on his 52th birthday, april 23, 1616
what was on his grave stone a curse
where was his career centered in London
who did he apprentice Christopher marlowe
what were the three things Shakespeare accomplished in playewriting, poetry, acting and also directed plays
the lord chamberlain acting troupe built what the globe theater, which was located in london
when did he retired 36 to stratford

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