English Macbeth Vocab

summons synonym Synonym- bidding
summons antonym Related word- process
summons related word Antonym- reply answer
summons part of speech noun
malice part of speech noun
malice synonym spiteful
malice antonym benevolence
malice related word hostility
verity part of speech noun
verity synonym spiteful
verity antonym false
verity related word veracity
stealthy part of speech adjective
stealthy synonym sneaky
stealthy antonym public
stealthy related word furtive
dauntless part of speech adjective
dauntless synonym brave
dauntless antonym cowardly
dauntless related word courageous
mockery part of speech noun
mockery synonym parody
mockery antonym openness
mockery related word sham
cloister part of speech noun
cloister synonym secluded
cloister antonym social
cloister related word abbey
jocund part of speech adjective
jocund synonym jolly
jocund antonym sad
related word jocular
tyrant part of speech noun
tyrant synonym dictator
tyrant antonym tolerant
tyrant related word dictator
unruly part of speech adjective
unruly synonym noisy
unruly antonym quiet
unruly related word disorderly
prate part of speech verb
prate synonym boast
prate antonym quiet
prate related word yack
knell part of speech verb
knell synonym chime
knell antonym silence
knell related word dong
multitudinous part of speech adjective
multitudinous synonym numerous
multitudinous antonym few
multitudinous related word several
equivocate part of speech verb
equivocate synonym dodge
equivocate antonym encounter
equivocate related word evade
palpable part of speech adjective
palpable synonym tangible
palpable antonym elusive
palpable related word obvious

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