English Macbeth, Medieval period, Anglo-saxon

What do the Witches predict for Macbeth and Banquo? Macbeth will be thane of Cawdor and the king, Banquo’s descendants will be king but he will not.
After L. Macbeth read the letter, what is her opinion and plan? she wants him to be king but he lacks the hard hardheartedness to get the position, she will talk him into it
what are Macbeth’s arguments against killing Duncan? He is Duncan’s kinsmen, Duncan is a good king and his death will bring sorrow to Scotland
what is L. Macbeth’s plan? She will drug the guards and then Macbeths will kill the King
Macdonwald is a traitor who? Supplied Irish mercenaries
The sergeant compared Macbeth’s bloody to? Another Golgotha
A witch punished a sailor because? his wife would not give her any chestnuts
Macbeth’s 1st reaction to the witches prophecy was? fear and intense thought
Banquo’s 1st reaction to the witches were? Disbelief
Malcolm was named? The Prince of Cumberland
In Macbeth’s 1st discussion of the murder, he? was not completely convinced
Macbeth regretted that? Duncan would be murdered as his guest
What did L. Macbeth do to the chamberlains? drugged them with possets of wine, replaced the daggers., fainted at the announcement of Duncan death
L. Macbeth would not kill Duncan because he looked like? her father
what does Equivocation mean? a partial truth to conceal a greater lie
motifs in the play are? Clothing, Blood, and Children
Which event would represent the lost time L.Macbeth was stronger than her husband? Banquet scene
Which scene was not written by Shakespeare? the scene with Hecate
How does L Macbeth cover for her husband at the banquet? She tells them that he has fits
Which English king came to Malcolm’s aide? King James
The scrofula, also known as the king’s evil, was a type of? Plague
Malcolm made all confessions to Macduff except? he was to young to be king
Why are the hired murderers willing to kill Banquo? They have been told that he betrayed them
Which is not true about the line of Kings? A line of 20 kings carry objects that symbolize the future of Scotland
William the Conqueror crashed King Harold in this event? Battle of Hastings
Feudalism a system were land is exchanged for services
Bubonic plague destroyed 30% of Europe in 1348
Magna Carta Document restricting constitution power, English Bill of Rights
Gutenberg inventor of the printing press in Europe
Frame Tale A story within a story
Thomas A’ Becket Archbishop of Canterbury
Le Morte d’ Arthur Malory wrote must of it in prison for rape and extrotion
Physiognomy Pseudo-science, the outter appearance reveals the inner personality
Fabliaux a rude story involving women or the church
Angevin the plantagenets
Brenton Lai A story involving supernatural, usually fairies
John Wycliffe Translated the bible into English all over the world
Caxton introduced the printing press to British Isles
Chaucer Customs controller on the river thames
449-1066 the medieval period when the Normans invaded the British Isles
2 traits of a ballad little narrative, little charcterization
Why does the battle of control become ominous in “Get up and Bar the Door”? the man and women get broken in to (house) because they would not get up and lock the door and the women almost gets raped
Two relics that the Pardoner carried to trick the crowd? Mary’s veil, lamb bone belonging to jacob
Gay thin beard, thin blond hair
Drunkard red face on men
Intellegent grey eyes and a wide forehead
Greed Bulging eyeballs
Lust Black, scabby eyeballs
Radix Molorum est cupiditas means? greed is the root of all evil
Amor vincit omnta means? love conquerors all
Pardoner’s tale, What are 3 men doing before 9:00 am? Drinking alcohol
Whom did the old man say they would find beneath the tree? Death
What did the three men? lots of gold
How did the three mean die? one got stabbed and the others where poisoned
Who was the king of England in the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” king Author
How did the young knight violate the code of chivalry? he raped a young woman
What answer did the young knight have to find? “what do women most desire most?”
How long did the Queen give the knight to find the answer? A year and a day
What choice did the Old Hag give the young knight on their wedding night? she would be old but faithful or young and unfaithful
Druits From the oak tree
Celts are the 1st Southern European to invade England
Cladius emperor who added infrastructure to England
herot famous mead hall of hrorhgar
dam Germanic word for mother
scop singer of epic poems
Julius ceasar Invaded Britain but did nothing to improve it
Grendel Descendant of cain
Thanes Knights / freemen
Kennings Poetic compound replacing a simpler noun
Ring-giver Lover not correct
Beowulf strengths Strong and hold breaths fir 24hours
Denmark Is in jeopardy
Sweden Beowulf is a geat from southern _______
Hrothgar King of the danes
Augustine Brought Christianity to Britain
Metaphor Is not an epic rhythmic
Comitatus Loyalty to one’s lord
Wyrd Germanic word for fate
Monasteries Recorded ancient works of lit
Druids Celtic priest
Lyric poem Evokes feeling
Eramus Wrote praise of Folly, Dutch humanist
Cervantes Wrote Don Quixote de La Mancha
John Milton Wrote Paradise Lost
Guy Fawkes Planned gun powder plot
Oliver Cromwell Puritans leader of England
Machiavelli Wrote the Prince
Leonardo de Vinci Italian painter and inventor
Cathrine of Aragon Daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand
Anne Boleyn Mother of Elizabeth 1
James I Authorized new version of the bible
Bloody Mary Daughter of Catherine of Aragon
Edward VI Only legit son of Henry VIII
Elizabeth I Greatest ruler of the age
Richard Burbage Actor and theater owner
Thomas Greene 1st critic to mention Shakespeare
Hans Holbein Portrait artist for Henry VII
Petrarch Poet who perfected sonnet
Francis Bacon Writer and scientist
Ben Jonson English playwright
Scone Where kings are crown
Colmkill Where kings are buried

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