English Macbeth Act 5 test

write a letter and seal it, washing her hands What are the two actions Lady macbeth does?
duncans murder, banquos murder, lady macduff and son murder three things LM feels guilty about
malcolm, macduff, siward who is leading the army from England?
birnam wood where is the English army staying?
castle near Dunsinane and fortifying the castle where is macbeth staying and what is he doing
either think he is crazy, or he is a war rage what do people think of macbeth?
malcolm who will “cure” the “sick” country of Scotland?
lily livered, pale faced, linen cheeks what insults does Macbeth use for the servant?
realizes he has no loyal followers, no one to take care of him when he gets old; anagnorisis what is macbeth feeling about his future?
every soldier hides behind a tree branch so MB doesn’t know how many soldiers there are what is Malcolms military tactic?
castle’s strength what does Macbeth rely on to keep the soldiers out?
“out, out brief candle” quote that is a metaphor for light
he died, but he fought like a man, proving himself how did young Siward prove his manhood?
kissing the ground below malcolm, and being chained on display with a sign saying “here is the tyrant” what does Macduff offer Macbeth instead of death?

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