English IV Hamlet Act 1 Quiz Review Part 5

Why is the ghost of Hamlet’s father doomed to walk the earth during the night and spend its days in flames? For sins he committed in past. p. 61 “…I’m trapped in the fires of Purgatory until I have done Penance for my past sins.” Act 1 Scene 5 Old Hamlet is in Purgatory
Another theme of the play is revenge. On whom is Hamlet asked to take revenge and why? His Uncle Claudius because he killed Hamlet’s father (Claudius’s brother) p. 61. “Take revenge for his horrible murder, that crime against nature.” Act 1 Scene 5
Is it right for Hamlet to undertake this revenge? It would depend on how he feels about it
Do you believe that he can do so and still behave morally? Why, or why not? He can’t behave morally if he’s taking revenge on his uncle because he’s not doing the right thing.

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