English IV Hamlet Act 1 Quiz Review Part 4

What central conflict is introduced in Act 1 of Hamlet? What incident introduces this conflict? The vow Hamlet made to his father. Hamlet takes revenge. The central conflict happens when the ghost appears and reveals Claudius killed him.
What is the predominant mood of the opening of Hamlet? What descriptions, events, pieces of dialogue create this mood? Mysterious, cold , frightening, dark, country is in danger, building ships; feel they are going to be attacked, guards are scared and confused
What descriptions, events and pieces of dialogue create this mood? The ghost enters as three men watch. p. 7 “Quiet, shut up! It’s come again. Looking just like dead king” Act 1 Scene 1 Horatio mentions unnatural events haven;t been seen since murder of Caesar of Rome. Foreshadows something bad will occur.
How would you describe Claudius’s manner in Scene II of act 1? He’s very opinionated, sarcastic and very matter of fact. p. 25. “Hamlet, you are so sweet and such a good son to mourn your father like this.” Act 1 Scene 2 Claudius appears to be a sincere, honest king.
What is ironic about the way in which Claudius presents himself? He’ s complimenting Hamlet. He gives advice to Hamlet. p. 25 “Please give up this useless mourning of yours and start thinking of me as your new father.” Act 1 Scene 2 He killed the king.
What are the similarities between Hamlet and Fortinbras? Both lost fathers, both have uncles, both have more power. They did not raise in power to the throne. Fortinbras wants his land–Norway. Wants revenge on Denmark.There was an old Hamlet and his son, Hamlet. There was an old Fortinbras with a son named Fortinbras. p. 11 Act 1 Scene 1″He is bold but unproven.” Fortinbras and Hamlet thought Denmark was in turmoil because the King died. p. 19 “Young Fortinbras, underestimating my strength or imagining that the death of the King has thrown my country into turmoil.” Act 1 Scene 2

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