English IV Beowulf

What does the conflict between the Danes and Grendel symbolize? The conflict symbolizes the struggle between good and evil.
By the time Hrothgar’s grief is told and sung, what events have occurred in the poem. List them in order.. – Hrothgar has built Herot, the dining hall where warriors gather and listen to scope and sing of the wonders of God’s creation.- the monster Grendel cannot bear to hear the warriors rejoicing.- Grendel attacked Herot and slaughters thirty warriors.- Grendel attacks nightly and leaves Hrothgar in misery.
What are you first impressions of Beowulf? Beowulf is committed to courageous action. When he learns about Hrothgar’s problem, Beowulf immediately sets out to rescue him.
How do the watchmen’s words help characterize Beowulf? To the watchmen, Beowulf looks like a hero. He is impressed by Beowulf’s size, appearance, and weaponry.
According to Beowulf, what are Hrothgar’s options? Hrothgar can either accept Beowulf’s help or continue to suffer Grendel’s attacks.
What happens to Beowulf and his followers leave their ship? The watchmen promises to escort them to Hrothgar and have his men guard their ship.
What are Beowulf’s credentials as a warrior? Beowulf has defeated warriors in battle, as well as giants and monsters.
What future event in the story do these lines foreshadow? The lines foreshadow Grendel’s ultimate defeat.
What motivates Beowulf in his time of need? Remembering his boast and his vow to Hrothgar to destroy Grendel strengthens Beowulf’s revolve to prevent the monster from escaping.
What events have occurred since Grendel entered Herot this night? Grendel ripped apart a sleeping warrior and devoured his and then grabbed Beowulf, who was awake and ready for the attack. Beowulf seized Grendel’s claw with s powerful grip and refused to let go. The intense combat that ensued battered Hrothgar’s hall.
What heroic traits do Beowulf’s followers show? His followers show courage and loyalty to their chief. They know how deadly Grendel is, but they attack him anyway because he is engaged in battle with their leader.
Why does Beowulf hang Grendel’s arm in the rafters? Beowulf is proud. He wants to show his conquest is over Grendel – the victory of good over evil – and the freedom he has brought to the Danes.
What might Beowulf’s journey to the she-wolf’s lair symbolize? Beowulf’s journey might symbolize the descent into hell. Like the epic heroes Odysseus and Aeneas, Beowulf, too, descends to the underworld.
What qualities of Beowulf does this passage reveal? This passage reveals how Beowulf’s strong desire for fame motivated him in battle, inspiring his courage and tenacity. He fights on, although he may be doomed. One of Beowulf’s most striking qualities is his persistence in the face of adversity.
What does this description imply about Beowulf’s strength? Beowulf surpassed ordinary warriors in strength. His strength is comparable to that of hrs giants who forged the sword.
Irony is a discrepancy between expectation and reality. What is ironic about the way Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother? Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother with her own sword. Although she was attempting to avenge the death of Grendel, she herself slain by Beowulf.
Why does Beowulf behead Grendel? Beowulf wants Grendel’s head as a trophy to replace the shoulder, arm, and claw stolen from Herot by Grendel’s mother.
Why does the poet include this detail about the passage of time? This detail emphasizes the long Hurston of Beowulf’s absence, making his return seem highly unlikely to his followers.
What traits do Beowulf’s followers show here? Beowulf’s followers show devotion and loyalty to their leader, who presumably has been slain.
What does this detail suggest about Beowulf’s conflict with the monsters? The detail suggests that Beowulf has successfully resolved his conflict: he has purged the haunted lake by killing the two monsters.
What events precede the dragon’s attack on the Geats? The theft of a gem-studded cup by someone who accidentally stumbles on the entrance to the stone tower precedes the dragon’s attack on the Geats.
What does this passage suggest about Beowulf’s upcoming conflict with the dragon? This passage has an elegiac mood, stating that not only the accoutrements of the war but the warriors who owned them eventually pass away. By creating this mood, the poet suggests that Beowulf’s conflict with the dragon might result in his death and his people’s demise.
How do the dragon’s motives differ from those of Grendel? Grendel attacks out of hatred for humankind; the dragon attacks out of revenge.
Wha is ironic about this sequence of events? It is ironic that in resolving a problem with his master, the Slavs triggers a conflict that threatens the entire kingdom.
What does this passage reveal about Beowulf as a ruler of his people? Beowulf is a humble and conscientious ruler. He respects the tradition that a kingdom is punished for the sins of its king, and he accepts moral responsibility for his people’s suffering.
How would you contrast Beowulf’s and Hrothgar’s responses to attack? Hrothgar does not try to slay Grendel, the monster that is slaughtering his people. Beowulf however, decides to fight the dragon that threatens his people. Beowulf is either braver or more powerful that Hrothgar or (probably) both.
Is Beowulf bring foolhardy or noble in deciding to fight alone? Explain. In one instance he may be fool hearted to believe that an elderly warrior can conquer a powerful adversary without the help of other warriors. Others mat say Beowulf is noble for trying to protect his warriors from certain death.
What effect does is sequence of events create? This sequence of events create suspense – first a cloud of hot breath, then a shuddering of the grounds as the dragon plods forward. The poet slows down the action of the narrative as Beowulf and the dragon approach each other.

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