English- Hamlet quotes

Act 2, Scene 1 Polonius to Ophelia – •”That hath made him mad” Ophelia’s affection has made him mad by her ignoring him by Polonius’ request.
Act 2, Scene 2 Gertrude to Guildenstern •”My too much changed son” Stating how much Hamlet has changed, different person.
Polonius to Claudius •”That I have found the very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy” Believes that he has found the cause of Hamlet’s madness- love for Ophelia.
Gertrude to Claudius •”I doubt it is no other but the main: His father’s death, and our o’erhasty marriage” Gertrude believes that she knows the reason of Hamlet’s lunacy- her quick marriage to Claudius after king Hamlet’s death of not even 2 months.
Polonius to Gertrude •”Your nobel son is mad” Polonius tells Gertrude that he believes Hamlet is truly insane.
Polonius to Claudius •”Lord Hamlet is a prince out of thy star” Polonius is telling Claudius of what he has told Ophelia about Hamlet- that Hamlet is out of her league.
Hamlet to Polonius •”To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand” This is Hamlet believing that nobody around him is honest.
Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern•”Denmarks a prision” Hamlet explaining that he feels denmark is infact a prison- that he feels trapped there.
Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern •”You were sent for” Hamlet is suspicious of Rosencrantz and Guildensterns arrival to Elsinor and believes straight away that they were sent for by the king Claudius and queen Gertrude.
Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern •”I am but mad north-north west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw” Confessing for the first time that he is infact feigning madness, and only sometimes acts mad that in reality he is not.
Hamlet- to himself •”I’ll have these players/ Play something like the murder of my father/ Before mine uncle” Stating that he will have the players act out a scene mimicking how Claudius killed king Hamlet, and will have Claudius watching.
Hamlet- to himself •”Am I a coward?” This is Hamlet procrastinating on his abilities to obey his fathers avenge and kill Claudius.
Hamlet to himself •”I’ll have grounds/More relative than this. The play’s the thing/ Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king” He believes that the play will therefore give him proof that Claudius killed Hamlet, by his reaction to the players acting out the method of him killing king Hamlet. Also prove that the ghost is not the devil in disguise.
Polonius to Claudius •”Tis too much proved, that with devotion’s visage, And pious action, we do sugar o’er/ The devil himself” Polonius stating that we can be the devil and pretend to be a good person.
Claudius- aside to audience •”How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience” That he infact is the devil pretending to be sweet.
Hamlet- Soliloquey•”To be or not to be, that is the question” Hamlet contemplating suicide.
Hamlet- Soliloquey•”This conscience does make cowards of us all” Suggesting his conscience is holding him back from killing Claudius.
Claudius- to Polonius •”Madness in great ones must not unwatchly go” Showing suspicion of Hamlet.
Act 3, Scene 2
Hamlet to Horatio•”Observe my uncle” Hamlet telling Horatio to watch Claudius’ reaction whilst the play is being performed.
Gertrude to Hamlet •”my dear Hamlet, sit by me” Showing motherly affection by asking Hamlet to sit with her during the play.
Ophelia to Hamlet•”Tis brief my lord” Referring to the play
Hamlet to Ophelia •”As a woman’s love” Sarcastic humour in reply to Ophelia, stating that a woman’s love is short like the play. Showing Hamlet’s negative view on woman.
Gertrude to Hamlet •”The lady doth protest too much methinks” Suggesting that Gertrude is showing remorse for her o’erhasty marriage.This is her reaction to the player queen stating she will not marry after her husbands death- she did.
Ophelia to Hamlet •”The King rises” Ophelia states that Claudius has stood up- his reaction to the players acting out his murder of the King.
Hamlet-Sol•”I will speak daggers to her but use none” Stating that he will talk horribly to Gertrude but shall not kill her.
Act 3, Scene 3Claudius- Sol•”Oh my offence is rank, it smells to heaven” Claudius is feeling remorse for the murder of his brother.
Claudius- Sol•”Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens/ To wash it white as snow” His sins will never be forgiven, that the blood will never be off his hands.
Claudius/ himself •”My words fly up, my thoughts remain below./Words without thoughts never to heaven go” Claudius is stating that he is unable to pray for forgiveness- and therefore will never be washed of his sins.
Act 3, Scene 4 Gertrude to Hamlet•”Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended” Gertrude is telling Hamlet that he has offended Claudius but refers to him as his father.
Hamlet to Gertrude •”Mother, you have my father much offended” A play on words. Hamlet replies with saying that Gertrude has in fact offended his actual father- King Hamlet.
Polonius- aloud •”Oh, I am slain!” Hamlet stabs Polonius- he is killed.
Hamlet to Gertrude •”A bloody deed! Almost as bad, good mother,/ As kill a King and marry with his brother” Hamlet is stating that by Gertrude marrying Claudius, is the equivalent of him killing Polonius.
Hamlet to Gertrude•”I took the for thy better” Says that he thought Polonius was Claudius.
Gertrude to Hamlet•”O Hamlet, speak no more:/ Thou turn’st mine eyes into my very soul, / And there I see such blank and grained spots/As will not leave their tinct” Gertrude is stating that she knows she has in fact done wrong by marrying Claudius. First time she shows full remorse of her o’erhasty marriage to Claudius.
Gertrude to Hamlet •”Oh speak to me no more;/ These words like daggers enter in mine ears./ No more sweet Hamlet” Pleads Hamlet to stop talking these cruel words to her, states Hamlets change.
Hamlet to Gertrude•”A murderer and a villain” Referring to Claudius- third time calling Claudius a villain.
Gertrude to Hamlet•”Oh Hamlet, thou hast oleft my heart in twain” Stating that Hamlet has broken her heart in two.
Hamlet to Gertrude •”I essentially am not in madness/ But mad in craft” Confesses to Gertrude of his feigned madness- for the first time.
* Stage direction * Hamlet leaves dragging Polonius’ body with him, and hides the body

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