English Great Gatsby review

What was Gatsby’s reaction to Daisy’s child? He looks at her with surprise
what did Wilson do to Myrtle when he suspected she was having an affair? He locked her in a room upstairs.
Why do Gatsby,Tom.Nick & Daisy drive into the city on such a hot afternoon? Daisy wants to avoid confrontation and get away from her problems.
What does Gatsby think about Daisy’s relationship with Tom? He believes Daisy never loved Tom.
What isDaisy’s reaction to Tom and Gatsby at the hotel? She is afraid that Tom will get violent.She thinks she is safer with Gatsby.
What happens on the way home from New York? Daisy is Driving Gatsby’s car.Hits Myrtle Wilson,but keeps driving.
Which of these statements about other characters’ reactions to Myrtle’s death is true? Tom’s first instinct is to protect himself.Later he cries.
How are Daisy and Tom alike? They both careless,and don’t take responsibility for their actions.
What does Gatsby tell Nick about his past? He fell in love with her and lied about his financial status to impress her.
What does Michaelis believe caused Myrtle to run? She was running away from her husband.
Why did Myrtle run into the street? She thought Tom was in the Yellow car and was running to him.
Why does wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle. Tom tells him that the car is Gatsby’s
What does Wilson do in responce to Myrtle’s death? He kills Gatsby then himself
Why does Wilson do in response to Myrtle’s death He kills Gatsby and himself
Who is Henry C.Gatsby? Gatsby’s Father
Why is the book that Gatsby’s father shows Nick important to the novel? It shows Gatsby’s romantic spirit and desire to get ahead.
What happens between Nick and Jordan Baker? Nick breaks off the relationship because she offends his moral sensibilities.
What does Nick say about people like Daisy and Tom? They were careless people who smashed things and creatures and let others clean up the mess.
He was a sturdy,straw haired man of thirty with a rather hard mouth and supercilious manner. Two shining, arrogant eyes had established dominance over his face and gave him the appearance of always leaning aggressively forward. Chracterization
When i looked once more for Gatsby he had vanished,and i was alone in the unquiet darkness. Suspense
It was dawn now on Long Island and we went about opening the rest if the windows downstairs, failing the hour with grey turning, gold turning light. The shadows of a tree fell abruptly across the dew and ghostly birds began to sing among the blue leaves. There was a slow pleasant movement in the air, scarcely a wind, promising a cool lovely day. Imagery
After the Armistice he tried frantically to get home Allusion
One of my most vivid memories is of coming back west from prep school Flashback
He threw dust into your eyes just like he did in Daisy’s Metaphor
Jay Gatsby had broken up like glass against Tom’s hard malice and the long secret extravaganza was played out. simile

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