english final- romeo and Juliet

The prince remarks that who is punished by the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, Paris, Mercutio, Tybalt, and Lady Montague? All are punished.
In Act I, Scene 3, when Juliet hears from her mother that Paris wants to marry her she…. she promises to consider him, if that is what her parents want.
Which character confirms the truth of the tragic story by producing a letter from Romeo for the Prince’s scrutiny?… Balthasar
When Tybalt seeks out Romeo and insults him in Act III, only the audience and Romeo know that the reason Romeo refuses to fight is that he realizes Tybalt is now his cousin due to his recent marriage to Juliet. (correct answer)
In Act IV, scene 1, when Juliet first arrives at Friar Lawrence’s cell, she has an awkward conversation with Paris
Juliet needs an excuse to leave her house to meet Romeo for their wedding at the end of Act II. So, she tells her family that she is going.. to “shrift” or to confess her sins to the priest
In act 5, what did Romeo dream? a strange dream in which he was dead but still able to think and dream.that he was an emperor.that his Juliet came and found him dead. that Juliet kissed his lips and revived him from death.
When Friar Lawrence learns about the undelivered letter, he realizes that .. Juliet will be extremely upset if Romeo is not there when she wakens.All of the responses here are correct.If Romeo hears news of Juliet’s death, he will believe it.Friar Lawrence now needs to rescue Juliet from the tomb by himself.
Which character refuses to leave the tomb in Act V, saying “I will not away.” Juliet
In Act II, Scene 2, Romeo uses a metaphor to compare Juliet… To the sun
When Romeo first tells Friar Lawrence of his love for Juliet in Act II, Scene 3, Friar chides or teases Romeo about just recently… Crying over Rosealine
After meeting Juliet at the Capulet ball and then having a long conversation with her outside her chamber, where does Romeo go next in Act II, Scene 3?… He goes to see Friar Lawrence to arrange their wedding.
Juliet stops criticizing Romeo for Tybalt’s death after … she hears the Nurse say, “Shame on Romeo.” Juliet then sides with her husband.
In Act I Scene i, Gregory and Sampson are.. servants who talk as if they are military conquerors.
In Act I, Scene 3, what does Lady Capulet say about Paris’s request to marry Juliet? She believes Juliet is old enough to marry Paris.
The reason that Romeo did not receive Friar Lawrence’s letter about Juliet is because… Friar John was prevented from delivering the letter when he was quarantined
What is Romeo’s immediate reaction to Mercutio’s death in Act III?. He challenges Tybalt to another duel, a duel in which one of their souls will accompany Mercutio’s soul.
When Juliet hears that Romeo has killed her cousin Tybalt, her FIRST response is that.. complain that Romeo deceived her about his true nature.
When Act III, Scene 1 begins, Mercutio and Benvolio know that ….. Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel.
In Act V, Scene 3, which character is present when Juliet wakens to find dead Romeo, runs away, and then appears again to explain everything for the prince and grieving relatives? Friar Lawrence
Paris originally believed that Juliet died from … Grief over Tyblat’s death
What is the name of the nurses servant? Peter
What is Mercutio’s nickname for Tybalt? Prince of Cats
What day is the marriage between Paris and Juliet planned for? Thursday
What day do Romeo and Juliet meet? SunDay
Which character is known as the numerous one? Mercutio

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