English Final-Macbeth and Wuthering Heights

The one character who is a catalyst for most of the action and emotion in the novel is: Heathcliff
What trait show Linton NOT to be weak? His intellect
Wuthering Heights is told from two points of view, what are they? Omniscient, Nellie and Lockwood
The structure of Bronte’s novel is unique in that? She begins the present, then flashes back in time, then continues in the present tense
The primary conflict in the novel is between: Good and evil
Emily Bronte’s choice of names to create a desire effect is evident in the case of: Throttler, Gnasher, and Wolf- Heathcliff’s dogs–Skulker- the watchdog–Fancy- Isabella’s lapdog
Heathcliff’s feelings toward his son could be best described as: Contempt and disgust
Catherine Earnshaw was what kind of person? Usually able to get her way and spirited and willful
Catherine and Hareton’s plan to replace a plot of blackcurrant trees with flowers represents: A new beginning for their lives
Although Joseph is a faithful church-goer and Bible-quoter, ironically he also? Gossips, criticizes, and makes trouble
Cathy’s and Linton’s contrasting ideas of “pleasantest manner of spending a hot July day” shows: The use of symbolism for character development
Heathcliff sought revenge through what methods: Visiting Catherine at the Grange
In addition to loving Catherine, Heathcliff also cared about: Hareton
Isabella’s letter to Nelly revealed she was: Desperately unhappy
Despite Catherine’s illness, she ……….. before she died. Gave birth to a child
As Edgar Linton approaches death, he is worried: Because Cathy was not the heir to Thrushcross Grange
Heathcliff was able to lure Nelly and Cathy into Wuthering Heights and hold them captive for five days because: Linton implored them to come because Heathcliff said Linton could not reenter the house without Cathy
Heathcliff revealed that he bribed the sexton to: Strike one side of Catherine’s coffin loose and do the same to his when he is buried beside her so that their ashes will mingle
When Cathy made friends with ………….., things began to look up for her. Hareton
Heathcliff’s body was found by: Nelly Dean
“Why have I made him angry by taking your part, then a hundred times?” Hareton
“Disturbed her? No! she has disturbed me, night and day, through eighteen years–incessantly–remorselessly–“ Heathcliff
“Catherine, Catherine, I’m a traitor too, and I dare not tell you! but leave me and I shall be killed!” Linton
“Damn the hellish villain! He knocks at the door as if he were master here already!” Hindley
“You’d better seek better shelter somewhere else tonight! Mr. Earnshaw has a mind to shoot you if you persist in endeavoring to enter?” Isabella
“I wish I could hold you till we were both dead!” Catherine Earnshaw
“If he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn’t love as much in eighty years as I could in a day!” Heathcliff
“Poor lad!–he’s witched, Aw’m sartin on’t! O Lord, judge’em, fur they’s norther law nur justice amang the rullers!” Joseph
“I know why Hareton never speaks when I am in the kitchen. He is afraid I shall laugh at him.” Cathy Linton
“I shall envy no one on their wedding day, there won’t be a happier woman than myself in England!” Nelly Dean
True or False: Heathcliff was interested in Isabella only because she was Edgar’s heir. True
True or False: Bronte sometimes used the weather to indicate the mood of the novel. True
True or False: Hindley could not attend Catherine’s funeral because he was already near death himself. False
True or False: Heathcliff had nothing to do with Linton’s letters to Edgar. False
True or False: Linton was not afraid of his father and often spoke rudely to him. False
True or False: Linton helped Cathy escape from Wuthering Heights. True
True or False: Nelly Dean was engaged to be married at the end of the novel. False
True or False: Heathcliff kept the half of Cathy’s locker that held her mother’s picture. True
True or False: Both Hareton and Cathy reminded Heathcliff of Hindley. False
True or False: Lockwood tried to get his rent money back from Heathcliff since he was not going to be there for half the term of the lease. False
Brought home a starving gypsy kid: Old Mr. Earnshaw
Was a playmate and later servant at Wuthering Heights and at the Grange: Nelly Dean
Was patient with his wife’s gloomy moods until he saw her obvious delight at the return of his old enemy: Edgar
Nearly lost his wife when his father dropped him form a second-floor railing: Hareton
His illness, weakness, and self-pity all came from a lack of self-esteem: Linton
Died of fever, starvation, and possibly a broken heart: Catherine Earnshaw
Hated being displaced in his father’s affections by an orphan, and did all he could to pay back the interloper: Hindley
Her infatuation with Heathcliff brought her nothing but misery: Isabella
His primary purpose in life was to get revenge: Heathcliff
Had her mother’s willingness and dark eyes, her father’s more gentle temperament and fair hair. Cathy Linton

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