English Final Exam-Macbeth

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” What does the Second Witch mean?” The witch is referring to when Macbeth comes to find out more about his prophecy. She was talking about how Macbeth is wicked.
Why does Macbeth call the witches “midnight hags”? He calls them midnight hags because he believe’s that they are evil and that they messed up his life.
Lines 5-7 What is the mood? Desperate, the witches weren’t telling Macbeth what was going on and he was going insane.
Lines 10-19 Macbeth does not care that the witches are… Crazy
Lines 46-50 show that Macbeth Is greedy and selfish. He would do anything to protect himself.
Line 56 What is the meaning of this phrase: “Be lion-mettled”? Be brave like the lion and proud.
Lines 72-73 indicate that Macbeth Demanding and selfish. He only cares for himself.
Reread line 81: “Thy crown does sear mine eyeballs.” What tone does this image impart to thescene? Line 81 imparts a tone that is dark or tense. The witches open the scene with a dark, twisted, magical stew that they are creating. The scene is also tense because Macbeth is seen getting mad at the third apparition that the witches created of the future.
Lines 35-60 The three apparitions do not answer Macbeth’s questions. What does this suggest about the culture’s point of view (during Shakespeare’s time) about supernatural elements? This suggests that during shakespeare’s time, the majority in Europe thought that witches did not answer questions are were there to harm the people. People were suspicious of magic.
Lines 35-60 How is the language used by the apparitions meant to make Macbeth feel? The language used is to make macbeth have a false sense of security. He is shown to believe that he can’t be defeated.
Which rhetorical question from the essay strengthens Kwon’s argument? If his own contemporaries acknowledged Shakespeare, why should anyone question it now?
Paragraph 4? What can be inferred from this paragraph? From Paragraph 4, it can be inferred that Shakespeare did have an education.
What fact supports the Stratfordians’ argument? “A free grammar school was about half a mile from Shakespeare’s boyhood home, so it is not unreasonable to assume that William attended it.””This evidence includes the fact that his name was mentioned as a well-known writer at least twenty-three times while he was alive.””No contemporary dramatists, writers, or actors ever mention the slightest doubt that Shakespeare was the author of the plays.”
What is the author’s purpose for writing the article? The author’s purpose for writing the article is for a person to determine whether they believe that shakespeare is actually the author of his plays or not.
What rhetorical method does the author use to appeal to the audience (ethos, pathos, logos)? The author uses logos and ethos to appeal to the audience.
What is the main argument of the article? The main argument of the article is if shakespeare is the author of his many plays or not…
What is the best evidence in the article that Shakespeare’s parents were illiterate? “Shakespeare’s father was a relatively successful merchant and glove maker, and his mother came from a landed family. In that time in England, that was more than enough to be sent to school in a small town.”
What is the weakest argument in favor of the Stratfordian point of view? “Furthermore, both of Shakespeare’s parents signed their names with a mark, which is used as evidence that Shakespeare was brought up in an illiterate home.”
REPHRASE:”Say if th’ hadst rather hear it from our mouths or from our masters’.” Say if you would rather hear it from us or from our masters.
REPHRASE:”He knows thy thought. Hear his speech but say thou naught.” He knows what you are thinking of. listen to him, but say nothing.
REPHRASE:”Whate’er thou art, for thy good caution, thanks. Thou hast harped my fear aright.” Whatever you are, thanks for your good advice. you have correctly guessed my fear.

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