English final Beowulf worksheet

What is the name of the monstrous beast in the story? Grendel
Where are the murders taking place? Denmark
Who is Beowulf? Heroic figure
The legend of Beowulf is a ___ story, inspired by ___. Fictional; fact
In what century do they believe the story originated? England in 7th or 8th century AD
The poem reflects a society with a ___ past, recast in a ___ mold. Pagan; Christian
In the poem, Grendel is descended from the one of ___, mankind’s first ___. Cain; murderer
Grendel is jealous of ___. The humans who are feasting in the meal halls
The only clue to Grendel’s physical appearance in the original text is the phrase ___. A fiend of hell
How long does the monster hold Denmark under siege? 12 years
Who is the one person Grendel cannot harm The Danish King Hrothgar
What qualities is Beowulf known for? Strength, courage, ambition
What is Beowulf primarily seeking? Glory
What is the one way that Beowulf can achieve everlasting distinction? Slay Grendel
What does Beowulf do to lure Grende out? Recreates circumstances of first attack; meal hall party
What happens when the warriors try to attack Grendel? No sword/metal weapon can hurt/effect him
Where did the real story that Beowulf is based on occur? Sutton Hoo
Who do they think was buried in the site that archaeologists found? Anglosaxon criminals who were punished for defying the king
What is Beowulf’s one weapon against Grendel? His bare hands
How does Beowulf gain the advantage? Grabs Grendel’s arm and twists it and rips it off
Where does Grendel die? In the woods
What does Beowulf hold high as his trophy after killing Grendel? Grendel’s arm
What grim reality soon sets in? Slayed warriors to be layed to rest
In a ship burial, what was custom? Bury the reads valuables and sink the ship and burn it
What was found in 1939? A buried ship; a tomb of unknown ruler with his valuables
What types of things were found buried? Helmets and swords
What did the excavation prove? Legend of Beowulf is more than just a myth
What other discovery was made through excavation? What do they believe may once have been? Meal hall; hall of King Hrothgar
What else has been found in the area? Precious artifacts that could have only belonged to a king
What fact-based accounts have more clues to the connections of Beowulf to real-life events? Legendary sagas written between 1100 and 1400 AD; also called the Norse sagas
Who comes back to get revenge on Beowulf after the death of Grendel? His mother
When is the attack? As the Warriors sleep
What does Beowulf do that the kind doesn’t? Act rather than sit and watch
Where does Grendel’s mother live? At the bottom of the haunted mere (icy lake with poisonous serpents)
What did the serpents represent? Pagans
What do beowulfs men give him for his battle? A special sword; iron blade tempered in blood (never failed in battle)
What proves useless in the battle against Grendel’s mother? His sword
How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? An ancient sword made by Giants (immortal)
The death of Grendel’s mother is a metaphor for what? Explain. A religious metaphor; paganism dying and Christianity rising; good vs evil
What did the Romans do to the pagan temples? Convert them to Christian use
What is the name of beowulfs kingdom? Geatland
Who were the Geats? Not a mythical tribe; real warriors
What was the setting of the battle between the Geats and the Swedes? Lake Vatern
How is this third battle of beowulfs different? It is not against monsters but against his fellow man
What was offered to Beowulf in return for his heroism? He is granted the thrown of Geatland
What evidence points to the fact that this ice battle really happened? The North sagas; Earnanest is the real location
How is Beowulf different when he fights his fourth battle? No desire
Who must he fight? The dragon of Earnanest
What happens that leads to the battle with the dragon? Missin gold cup
What is the ultimate insult that leads to beowulfs revenge? Burns beowulfs own home
Who is Woglaf? Fallen son of a warrior
What makes him stand out in the battle with the dragon? He is the only one who stays
In the Christian tradition, what do dragons represent? What do they represent in the pagan tradition? The super serpent (giant Saran); ultimate embodiment of power, verosity, and mystery
What do some believe the images of the dragon were based on? Dinosaurs
How does Beowulf slay the dragon? Thrusts his sword into his stomach
What happens to Beowulf in the fight? The dragon but him in the neck
What does he ask to see as he dies? To see the gold/treasure that he fought for
What does he give Wiglaf? Why? Sword, helmet, throne
What do the final stanzas of the epic poem describe? Beowulfs funeral; body set up and set on fire
What does beowulfs death represent? Idea that all men and their works will die

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