English Essay: Quotes and Analysis For Romeo and Juliet, Feud and Love

“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life” Taken from the prologue, this quote tells us that Romeo and Juliet are fated to die because they are in a dangerous relationship
“My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready standTo smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.” In this quote, Romeo is saying that his lips ready to make things better with a kiss. Shakespeare also uses a Metaphor to describe Romeos lips here as two blushing pilgrims to underscore the tensions between the two, despite the separation imposed on them by the families.
“I see my cousin’s ghostSeeking out Romeo.” When Juliet is about to drink the potion, she sees Tybalt looking for Romeo in revenge for Romeo killing Tybalt, this foreshadows the death of Romeo.
“How if, when I am laid into the tomb,I wake before the time that RomeoCome to redeem me?” This is also before Juliet is about to drink the potion. She is showing fear and concerns about the plan. This also somewhat foreshadows the plan failing in the end, just not the way Juliet sees it.
“Thou, wretched boy, that didst consort him hereShalt with him hence.” Tybalt says this just before Romeo and him fight, what Tybalt means by this is that Romeo hung out with Mercutio here, and so he will die here with him. The effect on the audience this quote has is that it outlines the growing animosity coming from Tybalt.
“Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” This quote from the prologue means that the violence between the two families is causing civilians to stain their hands with other civilians blood. The effect this has on the audience is that it shows the bloodshed the feud has inflicted on the innocent civilians of Verona.
“These violent delights have violent ends.” This quote comes from friar Lawrence when he is warning the couple of the dangers of their love. The quote means that although the love has its pleasures, it also carries consequence.
“My only love sprung from my only hate.” Here Juliet is saying that her love for Romeo appears from the families conflict against each other.

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