English EOC; The Hobbit, Romeo and Juliet, Literary Elements

Tolkien was born in ______ and raised in ______ south africa, english countryside
Tolkien was born in the year ____ 1892
Shakespeare was born in ______ startford upon avon
Shakespears birthday is april 23, 1564-1616
the Globe Theatre was a _____ a circle-structured stage for plays
Shakespears acting group was called the lord chamberlains men
Shakespears actors were all ___ men
Shakespears actors a responsible for buying props, they are dependent on admissions, and must memorize play in 3 weeks
rhyme scheme a pattern of rhymes at the end of each line in a poem or song
quatrain 4 lines, every other line rhymes, a stanza
couplet 2 lines that rhyme at the end of a sonnet
iambic pentameter 5 feet of stressed/unstressed sylables within a line
foot each food is 2 syllables seperated by a / within a line
iamb rythm of 2 syllables that go from an unstressed sylable to a stressed syllable to a stressed syllable
dramatic irony when the audience knows something that the characters do bot
pun a play on words; humorous use of s word suggesting two or more meanings or the meaning of another word with a similiar sound
aside syaing something to the audience that others on stage connot hear
soliloquy a long speech spoken by a character that is alone on stage
monologue a long speech by a character in the play that other characters can hear
personification figure of speech in which an animal, object, or idea is described as havingg human form or characteristics
simile figure of speech that directly compares 2 unseemingly unlike things using a comparing word such as like or as
metaphor a figure of speech that makes a comparison between seemingly unlike objects or ideas
alliteration the repeating of consonant sounds, most often at the beginning of words
allusion a reference in a work of literature to a character, place, or situation from another work of literature, music, or art
gandalf wizard
thorin his grandfather was king of the mountain
bilbo hobbit
dale town ruins in the shadow of the mountain
smaug dragon
trolls william, bert and tom
dwarves throin, dori, bofur, and ori for example
elrond king of the elves
orcrist sword
gollum small, slimy water creature
wargs wolves
eagles saved thorin and co. from goblins, wolves, and fire
true/false hobbits love adventure false
why did gandalf visit bilbo baggins to tell him of an adventure he had planned
how did gandalf get the map and key thorins father gave it to him
what is durins day name of the elves new year
true/false goblins love dwarves false
beater and biter were the goblin names for orcrist and glamdring
gollum and bilbo made a deal, what was it winner of the roddle game would get what they wanted from the other
what details about his adventures with gollum did bilbo leave out when he told his escape story to the dwarves he didnt tell them about the ring
where were the travelers after the goblin adventure they were in the misty mountains
beorn bear-man
sting bilbos knife
mirkwood dark and gloomy forest
lake-town city south of lonely mountain
what happened to bilbo in mirkwood got seperated from thorin and co. in mirkwood
bombur fell in the lake
why did gandalf introduce the dwarves a few at a time to beorn it was gandalfs way of getting beorns acceptance of the whole group
why did gandalf leave thorin and co. he had pressing business elsewhere
how did thorin get seperated from the others in mirkwood woodelves carried him away
what songs did the men near the long lake still sing they sang the fall of the lords of dale and the return of yhe king of the mountain
why did the master of the men of the lake treat the travelers well and send them to the mountain with provisions he wanted to share the treasure if it existed
tolkiens motivations for writing were to give his languages a home, to use his imagination, to fill the void created my the norman conquest is english story telling
bard slayed the dragon
roäc descendant of the ravens
arkenstone heart of the mountain
dain dwarf king, lord of the iron hills
cram food
lonely mountain where the dwarves teeasure was held
esgaroth lake town where the men lived
ravenhill old watch postnin the shadow of the mountain
mithril precious silvery metal
how did the dwarves get the secret door open a ray of setting sun shone on the keyhole, and they used thorins key to enter
why did smaug go into rage upon awakening he knew a cup had been stolen
how did bilbo answer when the dragon asked who he was he answered in riddles, which fascinated the dragon
what was smaugs weakness that bilbo discovered his breast armor was missing a jewel
who came to help the lake people and bards request the elvenking
what did bard ask thorin and what was thorins response bard asked thorin to share the treasure with those who deserved it; thorin refuses
what news did roäc bring the besieged dwarves dain and more than 500 dwarves were comming
why did thorin throw bilbo out of his camp he found out that bilbo had given the arkenstone to bard
when all seemed lost against the goblins who/what appeared on the scene the eagles
what did bilbo miss at the end of the battle while he was knocked out the eagles and beorn came to fight against the goblins, beorn found thorin wounded and carried him to safety, beorn killed blog and many of the goblins then fled
who led the dwarves after thorins death dain
where had gandalf been while he was away from thorin and co. at a council of wizards, in the south of mirkwood, and driving the necromancer from mirkwood
what besides spoons did bilbo lose when he returned home his reputation
what news did balin bring on his visit after bilbo returned home all was well; the land if the nointain was quiet and prosperous
groundings people who stood in dirt for a penny
gallery where wealthy sat
pit area the yard below the stage where stinkards sat

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