English Beowulf (the coming of Beowulf)

who is Healfdane’s son? Hrothgar, king of danes
how do the danes and hrothgar feel because of Grendel? both had sorrows, threatened ( no strength or wisdom that could fix sorrows)
who Is Higlac? king of the Geats, Beowulf’s uncle
who heard of Grendel ans his terrors on the Danes? Beowulf
how many men did Beowulf take with him? 13
How come the wise ones of the Geats accept Beowulf’s leaving? because of his boasting; omans
where are Beowulf and his men sailing Denmark
who did the Geats thank for their easy crossing on the sea? God
what does the Danish Warrior say to Beowulf’s men upon arrival? About Beowulf in general? what does he demand that they do? Danish men says who are you that comes onto the shore? then askes Beowulf to state his name
what does Beowulf boast about in line 173-179 he is a Geat, follows Higlac, father was famous wise on.
how does the watchman treat Beowulf and his men after the boast? respect. trust has been established
how does the watchman’s men Beowulf boat well? since Beowulf promises to kill Grendel, the watchmen promise to watch his boat. ( you scratch my back I scratch yours)
what geat does Beowulf reference in greeting Hrothgar? so- this boast proves? walks into hall . he is defeated monsters. also defeated giants ( really big people maybe). says this so he makes them believe and shows that he has proof that he is a hero and can defeat Grendel

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