English- Beowulf part 1

Who is Grendel? a monster, who came from Cane, a demon and he is banished by god because of Cane murdering his brother Adel
Identify Heorot. Hrothgar’s mead-hall(HALL OF HART)
Why does Grendel attack Heorot? he hates the fact he can’t be in on their celebration, he is jealous of their happiness
What is Grendel’s method of attack? He waits till the men are asleep then kills them one by one under the cover of darkness
Why did the Danes desert Heorot? for fear of being killed and eaten by Grendel
How many Danes did Grendel kill the first night he attacked Heorot? he killed 30 men
How many years had Heorot stood empty? 12 years
In what sense is wergeld an issue here? Grendel is a monster and does not play by human rules and has no intention of paying wergeld
Who is Healfdene? father of Hrothgar
Who is Hygelac? King of Sweeden and Beowulf’s uncle
Why did Beowulf go to help Hrothgar? 1. he needed help2. Beowulf wanted to build his reputation 3. wanted to win the admiration of his men
How many men(Geats) did Beowulf bring with him? 14
Who is Ecgtheow? Beowulf’s father, a famous solider
Who is Hrethel? father of Hygelac, grandfather of Beowulf
Why does Beowulf tell Hrothgar of his past accomplishments? to prove that he is strong enough to fight this monster
Why does Beowulf tell the story of his battle with Breca? He wanted to reveal the heroic nature of him and to pump his men up for action
What did Beowulf ask Hrothgar to do if he should be killed by Grendel? Take his armor and send it back to Hygolac
With what weapon does Beowulf plan to fight Grendel? Why? His hands, because he wants it to be a fair fight
From the description of Grendel’s attack, list four words or phrases that describe Grendel. He is evil demonCurse of GodSavage monster Shepard of sins
To what are Grendel’s eyes compared? to fire, flame
Why does Beowulf only watch as Grendel kills one of his men? To see his method of attack
As Beowulf battles Grendel in a fierce battle, his men draw their swords to protect him if necessary. Why is the gesture futile? Grendel has cursed all human swords
What fatal wound did Beowulf inflict on Grendel? Crushes several of Grendel’s bones and ripped his arm off
Did Grendel die in the mead-hall? Explain. No, he sacrificed his arm to go back home to the pool in hope of surviving
What proof of victory did the Danes see? Beowulf’s nailed grendel’s arm on the rafters of the mead-hall
At the beginning of the poem, Hrothgar’s warriors are happy, whereas Grendel is consumed by hatred. What causes these differences in attitude? Hrothgard’s warriors are living in a world where things are going well for them, grendel’s hate is fueled because he can never be apart of that happiness
How does Beowulf’s remark “Fate will unwind as it must,” reflect the AS’s attitude toward fate? Beowulf believes faith believes faith brought him and Grendel together and faith will decide what happens
What traits of Beowulf and Grendel raise the fight between them to an epic struggle between two great opposing forces in the world? Beowulf is the best of good fighting Grendel who is the worst of bad
Grendel eventually realizes that he has been beaten: “Now he discovered-once the afflicter/Of men, tormentor of their days-what it meant/To feud with Almighty God.” What inference about Anglo-Saxon beliefs can one make from these lines? The AS has become Christians and believed God was watching over them, so God would win over evil
The Dans celebrate Beowulf’s victory over Grendel. How do Hrothgar and the Dans show their gratitude to Beowulf? 1. give him gifts-an embroidered banner, breast-mail, an embossed helmet, and a sword, eight horses with gold bridles, one of which has a fancy saddle designed for a king in battle.2. praise him3. Hrothgard treats him as a son
What elements of the poem make it similar to a fairy tale? It shows an elevated hero fighting an exaggerated monster and there are super natural elements in this store
Epic 1. a long native poem 2. deals with great heroes and adventures 3. has a national world wide setting 4. involves super natural forces 5. written in a deliberately ceremonial style
Kenning memphors, a compound term that replace an ordinary term
alliteration the repetition of consent sounds, at the beginning of words or within words particularly in scented syllables, it can be used to reenforce meaning, unify thought or simply to produce a musical effect
metaphor figure of speech that makes a comparison without using life or as between 2 basically unlike things that have something in common
foreshadowing hint of what is to come
inference a conclusion one reaches based on various details in a work of lit.
Scyld Scefing the first great king of the Danes
Healfdene- Father of Hrothgar
Hrothgar- the present king of the Danes
Heorot- hrothgar’s mead-hall (hall of hart)
Grendel- monster
Hygelac- king of Sweden
Beowulf- Geat Hygelac’s thane
Ecgtheow -Beowulf’s father, a great solider
Unferth- a Dane who insults Beowulf about his swimming match with Breca
Breca- Beowulf’s friend who he has a swimming match with
Hrethel- the father of Hygelac, the grandfather of Beowulf
Wealhtheow- queen of the Danes Hrothgar’s wife

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