English Beowulf

Who is king of the Danes? Hrothgar
What did Hrothgar build? A mead hall called Herot
Who invades Herot? Grendel
Who is Grendel a descendant of? Cain
Who did Grendel attack? 30 of Hrothgar’s men
When did Grendel attack? At night
What happened the night after Grendel killed Hrothgar’s 30 men? He attacked again
What did some of the warriors do when Grendel came again? They fled
Who were the only people who survived Grendel’s attacks? The people who fled
What is Grendel? Demon
How often would Grendel attack Herot Hall? Every night
How many years did Grendel rule the Hall? 12 years
What did Grendel never touch and why? King Hrothgar’s throne because it was protected by God
How do King Hrothgar’s peoples religious beliefs change after Grendel rules? They turn to paganism
Where does Beowulf live? Sweden
What is Beowulf characterized as? The strongest man in the world
How long does it take for the news of Grendel to get to Beowulf? Years because he lives so far
What tribe was Beowulf in? Geats
Why would the author include omens which is a pagan term when he is a Catholic monk? Because his society used to be pagan and it is part of their culture or he is showing that there is a mixture of paganism and Christianity
Does Hrothgar know Beowulf? Yes
Who told King Hrothgar about the arrival of Beowulf and his men? Wulfgar
Why is Beowulf so willing to help King Hrothgar? Because he owes him from past events
How did King Hrothgar save Beowulf’s father? Beowulfs father killed someone and was put on the death sentence and King Hrothgar paid for them to not kill his father
What is Beowulf’s only request from King Hrothgar? To leave him and his men alone while fighting Grendel
Will Beowulf and his men use weapons to fight off Grendel? Why? No, because Grendel does not use weapons
Who is Beowulfs cousin and king? Higloc
What does Beowulf brag about in his boast? Killing enemies, driving off giants, and hunting/killing sea monsters
How strong is Beowulf? Strongest in the world
What does Beowulf want King Hrothgar to do in case he dies? Give his inheritance to Higloc
How is the religion in this booK? A christian story based on pagan morals. There are pagans morals that have christian characteristics
Who is King Hrothgars brother? Hergar
Who is Beowulfs father? Edgetho
Who did Beowulfs father, Edgetho, kill? Hathlaf, a warrior
“But fate, that night, intendedGrendel to gnaw the broken bonesOf his last human supper” Fate is not a christain belief, it is part of the pagan belief and it shows the leftovers of paganism in Beowulf
Understatement Figure of speech that downplays reality

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