English: Beowulf

Which convention of the epic genre is employed in Beowulf? The story begins in the thick of the action.
How does the character of Hrothgar compare to Beowulf’s? Hrothgar is consumed with grief and unable to defend himself.
Repetition poetic device that uses the recurrence of specific words, phrases, or even sentences for emphasis.
Alliteration poetic device that uses the repetition of a certain sound at the beginning of words; It mostly has a musical effect, but this can be harsh, solemn, or sweet-sounding according to the tone that the narrator wants to convey.
heroic elegies recount the adventures of a legendary hero, although they mostly express sorrow and mourning for the hero’s death.
What is most likely to belong in the Anglo-Saxon code of honor as it emerges from Beowulf? a sense of equality and brotherhood between chieftain and warriors

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